Top 5 parkour games for mobile on Roblox!

I won’t put in any links cause I am to lazy lol

But hey I made a part 2 and it has better games on the list so maybe check it out


  1. Everyone please stop saying things about parkour update testing.I made a part 2 which you can watch in the description

  2. Congrats buddy this got on my recommendation!

  3. The doom wall but Ngl it’s pretty buggy and sadly forgotten

  4. Cool the game "happy runner" is what im finding

  5. This is probably my most favourite video I have made 🙂

  6. The best parkour game on mobile is 100% parkour update testing. Its literally just the pc game "parkour" on roblox but for mobile and pc, its made by the same guy that made the official parkour so its exactly the same as parkour but with extra features and mobile support since its a update testing game, which might mean that mobile support will come to the official parkour game

  7. I recommend playing untitled tag game its not exactly a parkour game but the animations and movements are incredible you can vote on what mode will it be you can do first person or third person graphics are normal not laggy i recommend playing that game

  8. Just play parkour update testing thats the game name its also on mobile

  9. i would recommend playing parkour update testing it's like the same as the real parkour game if you join it it looks like im joking but if you rejoin you dan do it on phone 📱

  10. the parkour update test is closed but according to a developer they are working on the mobile version that may come out this month or the next

  11. I was interested in the first the second I had already played the others I was not so I've been so interested, but the first one sure goes to my list

  12. Good video, I was looking for some Parkour games!

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