Top 5 Parkour Games

We celebrate the many contributions to gaming the exhilarating discipline of parkour has brought by detailing our 5 favorite parkour games.

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  1. Putting an assassin’s creed game in here is just cheating

  2. btw, should I play Dying Light first or Titanfall (for the sake of parkour) ?
    I want more games like Mirror's edge! The parkour movements are so fluid unlike AC. Guess I'll download ME again (curse me for accidently deleting it) and the bad thing is that I can't play ME 2 because of low RAM 🙁


  4. "Skyfall"
    Proceeds to show Casino Royale

  5. 1Dying Light
    2Dying Light
    3Dying Light
    4Dying Light
    5 Dying Light

  6. I prefer the game of real life thought

  7. Even Brink deserves to be on this list than Titanfall.

  8. Just screw it Assassin's Creed is the best and it's the most realistic….accept Assassin's Creed Unity…because the AC Unity Parkour jump is so unrealistic but I still loved it…but the rest of assassin's creed game is Awesome

  9. I love how so many people don't understand the concept of opinions

  10. 0:39 What is that game? I'm pretty sure I recognise it but I can't remember the name of it

  11. Who remembers brink. That game was amazing with its parkour

  12. 2:30 someone plz tell me what type of DAMN assassins creed game is that it looks LIT

  13. This would not have been a video without Dying Light

  14. When it said dying light I instantly liked and subbed

  15. Titanfall has better parkour than actual parkour games? Are you dumb or something. Funny enough it's sequel didn't sell well. Well I can't trust this channel 🤦‍♂️.

  16. fun fact:first assassin´s creed was basically a result of ubisoft trying to make another Prince game,tho it changed over time so much that what we get is after all first assassin´s creed.

  17. Yhat dude that yells what game it is looks so stupid when he tries to do parkour

  18. Spider-Man may be considered cheating but it's still the best parkour game lol

  19. Help, 0:39 what was that game ? 😀 Not the Mirror Edge and not the Titanfall the 2d

  20. that guy was really bad at dying light parkour, holy shit

  21. Because I want to play it really bad

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