Top 5 Parkour Games

We celebrate the many contributions to gaming the exhilarating discipline of parkour has brought by detailing our 5 favorite parkour games.

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  1. technically Titanfall isnt a parkour game, its an fps game.

    The others are parkour games so you're good there.

  2. I take it back dying light should be number1 I love the game

  3. is that dying light or dying light folllowing

  4. Who would add watch dogs 2 for this time

  5. Mirror's Edge sucked, it was short, and most of the missions are running from blues a.k.a police

  6. Isn't "Freerunning:The Game" a parkour game… ? <.<

  7. I have dying light and it is so much better than dead rising

  8. 1.assassins creed unity 2. Mirrors edge 3.dying light 4. Tomb raider (can't think of anymore)

  9. i pick vector as my number 1 parkour game.

  10. Okay, here's my list. 5: Titanfall 4:Prince Of Persia 3: Assassin's Creed 2: Dying light 1: Always going to be the original Mirrors Edge.

  11. Horrisontal wall running is almost never used in Freeruninng or Parkour ._.

  12. Prince of persia is by far the best game I ever played

  13. but seriously the guy that was doing the "parkour" he is just uh well first you dont say parkour second dat hair cut third you fucking stupid ;-;

  14. How is titanfall better than dying light

  15. dying light should have been 2nd at minimum

  16. Just wait till mirrors edge 2 comes out ow heck yay

  17. Please don't ever try to pronounce French anymore….

  18. dying light was probably the only actual fun one to play

  19. I have prince of persia ahriman one! AWSOME PARKOURING PLUS COOL FIGHTING

  20. Uncharted 4 should be in there Titanfall should be out

  21. Very very cancerous. Titan fall…..Titan fall??? "TITAN FALL" T? I? T? A? N? F? A? L? L?

  22. My Top 5:

    5. Brink
    4. Prince of Persia series
    3. Assassin's creed unity
    2. Dying Light
    1. Mirror's Edge

  23. That guy that is trying so hard is just cringey

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