Top 5 Roblox Obstacle/Parkour Games! [2021]

Hello there! Welcome to my picks for the top 5 best Roblox parkour games, 2021 edition! Enjoy! 😘


  1. Before you comment about it; obby games ARE parkour games

  2. Not gonna lie, one of the best lists! Congrats dude

  3. this kid has put more effort into this video than most big youtubers

  4. You may have forgot JToH, and Obby Creator. And why Mega Easy Obby

  5. Personal top 5
    5. Tower of Hell
    4. Obby Island
    3. Parkour
    2. Speedrun 4
    1. Obby King Remastered


  7. For me Parkour is The Best of parkour games now he have a lot of new moves and a ranked mode

    Siri: there is 7 billion people in the world.

  9. Parkour games: A game where you can explode an an open world city and freerun all you want
    this guy: ill still put non parkour related games on this list

  10. Parkour is the best Toh is the second best the reason parkour is the best game is because you can actually do parkour in it

  11. OBBYS ARE BETTER THER PARKOUR wtf kind of video is this

  12. bruh theese games so old they kinda suck

  13. If you want good recommendations from someone, you need to find somebody who has already experienced those things, bro, you're on mobile so you haven't played most of these games, you can't give an opinion if you haven't even experienced the games… And some of these aren't even parkour games, I don't think that parkour is just "running, jumping and moving around an area with obstacles", with your logic you can even consider Jailbreak a parkour game lmao, since there is the sprinting feature and you need to jump over certain obstacles to get through certain places at times.

    And bro "Mega Easy Obby", Seriously? There are games like Runner's Path but instead you choose a game with free models LMAO, and just because it has a lot of visits doesn't mean It's good, that's just overrated with no quality, It's like you made this while someone was holding you at gunpoint dude…

    And stealing clips from other youtubers for your content without crediting them just shows how poorly this was made.

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