Top 7 Parkour Games For PC

gameplay on maximum field of view and Ultra settings.

There we go with some long PC Gameplay in 1080p @60FPS.
For those wondering: It’s a pretty decent PC version with a good Performance and FoV90 Support.
Not perfect but way better than expected

I handle reviews in a mix and match kind of way.
Games will have a full review posted if I can get it done before the release date.
If I miss the release date, most likely there will be a first impressions video which may be followed by a full review
if I have time. These reviews will always follow the same general
format for the kinds of content within a game that are reviewed.

This game footage was recorded and reviewed on PC.

Intel Core i7-5820K @ 3.30GHz
16GB of RAM @ 2666MHz
MSI nVidia GTX1070
Windows 10 64 bit
Multiple Hard Drive configuration including SSD and Raid0


  1. Bro in sabhi ke highly compressed bnao plssss

  2. Thx good work ur games is cool u got a sub in a like

  3. The only actual parkour game in this list is mirror's edge

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