TruePK/FR a parkour game made in Dreams

The 4th progression video showing a complete rewrite of my True PK/FR experience in Dreams. So much progress has been made compared to the previous version. I am very proud of the work I have done and need to let the people play even if it’s not “perfect” in my view.

I will be taking a break from the development on this project to enjoy the rest of Dreams for a change. Back to experiments and random creations!
Thank you for following my game’s journey!

Check out @parkourgameclips for more frequent updates!


  1. hey i now i might be late for the comment and you might now respond but i love all the games but which one is the one you are playing rn.

  2. Which one is the newest version? True Parkour or true pk5

  3. This looks SO good, been there from the early days and the parkour community is So here for this game!

  4. Love it! I would really really like to play it! Seems so fun to explore and jump across this huge, epic world you’ve created. Too bad it’s only on Dreams ehh.. Either way I really appreciate your hard work and passion you spilled all over this project so far. This game blazes the trail for proper parkour games and parkour as a whole needs that. That’s awesome, thank you for that! Have a great day man!

  5. will only be in dreams?

  6. Hey pls tell where the coins are for the streets level?

  7. I need play your gamr men it's awesome

  8. it's an insanely good parkour game on dreams, literally the best, but the controls are hella confusing it's not even funny

  9. Which platforms support this game omg as a parkour man i wanna download this game😮

  10. Bro made this look so much easier than it is lmao, just goes to show with practice you can play this game like a full on free running game, even as a beginning I’m still enjoying it

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