Tyss plays Rhythm and Parkour Games! (Roblox)

Hey everyone, Tyss here! Sorry I haven’t been uploading lately. I have been really busy with some irl and personal things. But here is a stream of me playing Funky Friday(Rhythm game) and Obby king(Parkour game)! I hope you guys enjoy. This was streamed on my Twitch channel. The link to my twitch channel is in the description.


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  1. Copyright songs are hard to get rid of 😥 (Also, sorry if the sound quality and mic quality gets bad, I had to get rid of the copyright music obby king had in the game.)

  2. U still play fe2 they made it like 10x worse

  3. hello tyss i would like to 1v1 sometime on funky friday? (quick note i’m fakey)

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