[Unity 3D] Chance of a Lifetime – Parkour Game – 2015 (Mirrors Edge Style)

Update #1
I want to show you from the foundation to the end of my parkour game project.

Update #1
– Parkour + Animations
– lifting models
– my Parkour Level
– Real Shaders
– New Skybox
– Real Footstep
– Grunt Sounds

Minimum Requirements
Recommended Requirements
– 4 GB RAM
– 2.0 GHZ (2CPUs)
– 1024 MB AMD
– DirectX 11

Recommended Requirements
– 6 GB RAM
– 3.5 GHZ AMD A8-6500 (4CPUs)
– 1024 MB AMD
– DirectX 11


  1. This looks awesome! Great work. One thing I'd suggest is adding a tuck-and-roll move in. It could be triggered when you drop from a certain height, either as an automatic action, or one that the player could manually use to avoid damage.

  2. l you put the file on a different website its to non english for me to read sorry

  3. I love the game i feel like it needs a pause menu to like restart because when i fail i have to reload the whole thing

  4. I made a video about this game 🙂 plz check it out

  5. @Michal Pražienka Thank you so much your game has been getting me like and views i hope you were pleased with my videos If i record more i will always remember to put your link in desc dood i hope to see more of this i like it alot

  6. I love parkour! Hope you have awesome updates to come! i subbed!

  7. Yeh i played the game and the mechanics are awesome, so far my only suggestion is a restart button. Even if you can respawn from the begginings its fine as long as you don't have to keep closing and re openening the game XD

  8. hey i'm a unity programmer too, can I help you with the game?(this can't be a first version, you need to add a great number of things)

  9. I extracted the .rar but I can't open it! In unity I press open project/ Open other and find the folder. The problem is I can't find which part you need to open. The main folder? The one inside? I can't get it to work.

  10. Hey! The mechanics are really good (except for no respawn and no health damage even if you fall 50 meters down xD). I just wanted to know how you did the wall running.. did you follow a tutorial for that? cheers and good luck with your game! I'm looking forward to the next update 😀

  11. lol I found a way to get back up when you have fallen down 😀

  12. Can you make a tutorial on something like this because this is just awesome

  13. Did you adapt the built in FPS controller or did you make your own with its own gravity?

  14. Hey, I'd like to add some stuff to this, just to learn more about animation in Unity. Can you please send me a download link?

  15. let me know when this game is finished. i will buy it

  16. Cool system but the map is just a placeholder right?

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