[Unity 3D Tutorial] Parkour – Mirror’s Edge style (Project Download in Description)

Hi everyone, this was my first time doing commentary. I hope the mic quality isn’t too bad. In this tutorial I show how to make a parkour system inspired by the game Mirror’s Edge. This system is similar to the one I use in my own game Velocity Rush. I hope you find it useful.

Download the Project in Github through this link

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  1. What does the drag in air and drag grounded do?

  2. bro you are a legend : }
    i am also working on a parkour type game and a beginner so its really helpful for me to know many new things : } thank you

  3. Hi bro i didnt know how to download the project can you tell me how
    and is there any conditions like to give you credit or something
    Edit: i knew how to download but is there any conditions

  4. is there a way to jump from one wall to another

  5. Great video. A+. Definitely going to start following your work.
    I'm having a bit of an issue modifying this to chain wall-runs together. I've done it, but it seems to remove the negative force applied on the come down of the arc. Any advice?

  6. Ooooh I found your github repo and I've been using it for some experiments, I even integrated a grappling hook to it! I'll make sure to link to this video!

  7. can i use different fps controller for this???

  8. I Remember This Game I Little See a Before Sister Playing

  9. which unity version?I cant open it in 2019.4.15f

  10. what version of unity do you need for the project

  11. Unity keeps bringing up errors when I attatch the rigid body script. Also, why is a big chunk of your screen missing in this video? Now I cannnot tell if something is a child of something else.

  12. hey man thank you so much i literally spent my whole week to get it right but couldn't do it. then i saw your project it helped me a lot.

  13. Thanks tho, i try making a parkour game for private (only me can play)

  14. Thank you! This was really inspiring, I will use this in my game for sure!

  15. thanks but can i ask you something?i tried it with personal edition and unity broke now i cant make game do you know anything to fix it?bothing comes up???

  16. This is amazing! I'm struggling to add arms and animate them. I downloaded DarK Tree FPS controller and was trying to combine this parkour system with the FPS controller to make a dynamic shooter game. But the rigidbody sends my character into space.

  17. When I try to download and use it, I get an error.

    The namespace'<global namespace>' already contains a definition for'CustomTag'

    The main error is.

    What should I do?

    Various other errors are spit out and I can't fix it

  18. Thanks a lot bro! u got a new sub!

  19. Thanks For Your Help Now i know how to create games like this

  20. Even Its better Then Unity's Wall Run It Just Destroyed My Project But Thank God I Made A Backup

  21. Mirror's Edge supports Walljump, can you add this update it?

  22. Very cool and so helpful! I noticed in the playercontroller.cs code you wrote in a comment that the code can be modified to allow double-wall runs (going from one wall to another). How would I do this?

  23. Thanks, this was really useful! One thing to note is that depending on what type of bas movement system you're using, keeping some level of player control during the vault can be useful, as can experimenting with different typed of collision.

  24. Sooo…. Velocity rush was this project and you upgrade it

  25. how to do with character Controller, that's the question

  26. Hey can you do a video about adding animations to this for a character

  27. hey so i wanna make it so that i can instantly wall run from 1 wall, then jump to another wall and continue wallrunning, but whenever i jump to another wall it doesnt let me wall jump. How do i fix this?

  28. will this work with the stock 3rd person controller?

  29. Guys Why I can't move after putting Rigibdy Movement into my character

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