[Unity 3D Tutorial] Parkour – Mirror’s Edge style (Project Download in Description)

Hi everyone, this was my first time doing commentary. I hope the mic quality isn’t too bad. In this tutorial I show how to make a parkour system inspired by the game Mirror’s Edge. This system is similar to the one I use in my own game Velocity Rush. I hope you find it useful.

Download the Project in Github through this link

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  1. If I want use 3rd person controller, should I use root motion instead of this way?

  2. If i use it for multiplayer sandbox with building?

  3. Thank you very much for tutorial and project download😘😄👏

  4. Is the velocity rush having a MULTIPLAYER mode

  5. Good video will! The mic quality isn't that bad but it could be better consider getting like a 50 dollar mic

  6. Fantastic setup! Is there a plan for a crouch and slide function?

  7. i want to make a parkour game from this video but i didn't understood any because of how he was recording😭😭😭

  8. Thank you. This is awesome. I also play Velocity Rush. It plays wonderfully. I recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed to be able to revisit your development logs after trying it.
    I wonder if you are planning on making any tutorial for adding arms and legs to this parkour controller. I am mostly interested in learning hand placement during the animation for climbing up a ledge. A similar followup tutorial would be super helpful.

  9. how do you change the player controller so that he can double wallrun ?

  10. Thank you so much. One question though: Why do you use the custom tag script rather than just checking the layer of the object?

  11. wtf it lets look with mouse but doesnt let walk

  12. Thank you. You've just inspired one more guy to try to make a game and to sub to your channel.

  13. When i download the project there is nothing just scripts i thought i had to add them to the player that i made myself but i you didnt show everything so i dont know what to do nothing works pls help me.

  14. Please help me.me Problem the adding touch controls for android this parkur game . Please please help meeee. 2020 peoples help me

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