Unity Game Creator Tutorial – Parkour / Free Running

In this video we’ll setup parkour (or Free Running)

This will be done using core Game Creator, start to finish.
In order to simplify this process, I’ve added the scene I’m using here:

A complete scene including the actions is available on Patreon (you still need Game Creator and the animations)

You will also need parkour animations to do this:

Game Creator:

Support me on Patreon to keep the channel going:


  1. could this be done with GC2 this is very different.

  2. I have no luck with your tutorials 🙁 (my prototype use point and click system). Have something with 'marks' to me me understand how it work (point and click – 3d)? 🙂

  3. Bro, i dont know how to say thanks you for this parkour system tut. I've been looking for it almost a month. BUT would you make parkour system tutorial with raycast ?thank you so much😍

  4. i want to ask a question. if we have lot of objects in the game scene then we have to create lot of triggers for each object. is there any other way to create a centrally managed trigger system which detect the type of object and perform accordingly. like it detect wall and its height then he decide whether to climb or vault. I mean according to object.
    Will it be possible with game creator to create only once a on player enter trigger and condition of left shift pressed. have u any solution? please kindly make a video for such type of thing. Its better be organizable and less amount of triggers in my opinion .

  5. Dear i have an another issue when i use climb over. i use an animation of climbing. why my legs positions disturb with the collision. sharing you picture.
    please help me out in this situation. everything is according to your video examples.

  6. Nice tutorial. However, I can't turn off/ on the BoxCollider, can you explain a bit more about it?

  7. I have always loved what I call "node based" parkour. Now I know this probably isn't the actual term, but parkour involving handholds etc akin to assassins creed or infamous. How in the everloving world do they do that? Because I have a game concept I am dying to work on. But until I have my movement system rigged up I am at a roadblock. :/ (Any help or resource links are welcome!!!)

  8. I have one problem the player is not moving to the markers any idea why theres a plyer all stuff asigne and no errors in the cosole

  9. 9:20 In my project There is no trigger component.Should i intsall extra package for trigger component?

  10. My player does not move UP the Y axis with the markers. he just goes to where they'd be on the ground. Any chance I could get some help?

  11. i saw this when i was learning to do java and c++ coding and btv python to

  12. Tech Infinity Tamil - டெக் இன்ஃபினிட்டி தமிழ் says:

    parkour & acrobatics animation
    Plz give that package please bro

  13. Can we use free animation from mixamo on this tutorial?

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