[Unity Parkour Game Devlog 10] Ranged weapons | Velocity Rush

This update adds Guns to the game and makes the movement of everything smoother. Last update for a while.

What is VelocityRush?
Velocity Rush is a Parkour Inspired First Person Shooter being developed for Android and PC (which will be ported to later)

Can I Download the Demo?
Yes a APK for Android is available for download on itch.io

Download Demo Here

Want to make a Video on it but can’t download the game?
Feel free to download this video but make sure to credit my channel.

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Note – What you see in the video is subject to change. This game is really early in development and will be released very far in the future to Play Stores.


  1. Não consegui baixar essa versão a minha ainda é a antiga

  2. No puedo esperar para todo lo que se viene aunque en mi teléfono no sale nada de eso

  3. Amazing update!
    Next u can do is
    Make some skins of guns and character
    We can throw guns to enemies when out of bullet
    Make more map and let us play pvp

  4. 0:40 is this new?? Awesome. Thanks for the weapons im the guy from your discord

  5. Wow!!
    I learnt a lot of new combos from this video!!

  6. I love the new update its more than what I was expecting even…….. Also is it possible for you to make the map a bit bigger I know that could be hard but I dont really know..

  7. Wow when is saw this update I was like what?

  8. Yoo dude, If you release this on the Play Store, that would literally explode!! Nice work!

  9. Yay! Thanks dev! I will donate you as soon I get my Money

  10. I missed the survival mode with Wave of enemy's, This update is great! Just need some wave and the enemy not only using Pistols but like Machine Gun and Sniper or shotgun

  11. This game is probably gonna be popular when it comes out on playstore with new updates
    I see the improvements since last year. Good job

  12. Can you change those red cubes into ramps? I'm having some trouble doing a long jump.

  13. they took out thr guns this version is way better than the play store one

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