[Unity Parkour Game Devlog 11] Combat Moves | Velocity Rush

Added a lot of new stuff in the game, shown in the video.
There is no download yet as of now it only a progress video.

What is VelocityRush?
Velocity Rush is a Parkour Inspired First Person Shooter being developed for Android and PC (which will be ported to later)

Can I Download the Demo?
Yes a APK for Android is available for download on itch.io.
Version 0.6 is the current Demo Version.

Download Demo Here

Want to make a Video on it but can’t download the game?
Feel free to download this video but make sure to credit my channel.

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Check out VelocityRush-FPS (@VelocityRush_FP):

Join the discord so you dont miss out on updates and builds.

Note – What you see in the video is subject to change. This game is really early in development and will be released very far in the future to Play Stores.


  1. I want download the version 0.6.5 but dont appears the download button of This version

  2. Amigo quiero descargar 6.6 velocity Rush para android solo es para PC?

  3. Hi bro you remember your game velocity rush parkour action please send me the 0.6 version I just want to shoot with guns please

  4. I love this game but please otimize this game for celulares of 1gb ram

  5. This update is awesome I want this in Play store So please add the story mode and publish it on playstore 😁😁😁😁

  6. Is this available for androids? Respond please

  7. WOAH! SO COOL! I can not wait too long to play this game When it's complete!

  8. Bro… Idk why, but I can't install the game 🙁 my phone is a Moto G5

  9. What performance I need for making a game like los angeles crimes in unreal engine 4? " answer please

  10. Can you pls add some melee weapons and some new levels?

  11. Pleese my play very creats

  12. LolzerDev can you give me 0.6.6 because I am going to make a video of it

  13. Can it works on my iMac 2011 or my MacBook air 2017

  14. U need to fix the sensitivity man. When i look its low. When i aim its high.

  15. You are wasting your potential, this could be good game on pc with better lighting and post processing effects

  16. Best game ive played! Not gonna lie! EUPHORIA PHYSICS , ACTION and GUNS! best! PLEASE KEEP UPDATING , i would spend all my money in a full game like this

  17. In the full game,can you add bullet time?

  18. Pls give me link of it cuz i tryed in your wesite but it doswnt let me 🙁

  19. The link for version 3 is not Work help me please

  20. Я скачал а у меня все по другому я также хочу😭😭😭

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