[Unity Parkour Game Devlog 11] Combat Moves | Velocity Rush

Added a lot of new stuff in the game, shown in the video.
There is no download yet as of now it only a progress video.

What is VelocityRush?
Velocity Rush is a Parkour Inspired First Person Shooter being developed for Android and PC (which will be ported to later)

Can I Download the Demo?
Yes a APK for Android is available for download on itch.io.
Version 0.6 is the current Demo Version.

Download Demo Here

Want to make a Video on it but can’t download the game?
Feel free to download this video but make sure to credit my channel.

Follow VelocityRush on twitter
Check out VelocityRush-FPS (@VelocityRush_FP):

Join the discord so you dont miss out on updates and builds.

Note – What you see in the video is subject to change. This game is really early in development and will be released very far in the future to Play Stores.


  1. Oh hes recreating mirror's edge catalyst combat

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