Unity3D parkour game project

This is my project that I’m making on unity and it’s supposed to be like a 3d game like mirror’s edge(I love that game), I know it needs alot of improvement still but this is like the 1st update, I need to fix some bugs that I know it is having but this was just a little thing I made for fun. It’s a really small video but I hanven’t done much on it yet :p
In this video you can see wallrunning, wallclimbing, jumping from walls while wall running or wall climbing, and jumping when you’re turned back to walls. Hope you like it, if you do please hit the like button and subscribe for more future updates.

edit : Nice 200 views 🙂
edit2 : 300 views 😀
edit3 : 400 o.O thank you!


  1. hey man i can help you in this project? im a designer

  2. Asweome. Just make it a bit faster paced (in my opinion). Give it some nice art and gameplay modifiers(maybe) and you got a great game!

  3. I will focus first on gameplay, yes maybe I'll add some more speed, but I acutally saw some mirror's edge videos and what makes you fast is parkour, cause normal running i slow, anyway thanks for the feedback, btw I know you from eteeski livestreams right? you use to be there? give a oppinnion about artwork, do you think lowpoly cartoony or realistic high poly(that's harder I think) tell me what you think would be cool, I think any of these would do great if they are well made

  4. And I want to mention one thing, in the wall climb part I stopped because of the bug I said it notifications, if I'm colliding to the wall I don't go higher enough to make it to the other platform

  5. wow, thanks alot, really I'm a newbie at javascript and just looking and the feedback you are giving on my project means alot to me

  6. Ok, maybe not so newbie, I don't know what you consider as 1 month of learning

  7. maybe you should make mirror's edge 2 😀

  8. Awesome! Can see the end product being amazing 😀

  9. Alot of videos,unity awsers and scripting reference, there are actually no tutorials on this but I kinda discovered somethings like working with triggers, wich is what I do in this project, and using them to do functions like rigidbody.transform.translate , I'm using that to do wall runs etc… , I'm not using unity character's controller, i'm using a rigidbody, if you want to learn javascript I would recommend you eteeski, narutoisgreat and MrXTeabag.

  10. I was also impressed when I got the wallrun working, thanks.

  11. tutorials by me may be kinda lame, anyway when I fix my games and get it working nice maybe I will do a tutorial if more people ask and if I see I'm capable of doing it, but now Iw ill work about hte existing bugs, if I see I can fix them maybe I will give you a tutorial idk I'm not even near to a game developer, I'm still learning

  12. lol ok im not a good developer etheir but i make games in blender,, WOW i typed this with out looking!

  13. i mean that i am a game designer for unity but im not that gooooood buuuutttt i also make games in blender

  14. Never tried creating games in blender, actually only game maker, 3d game maker (when I was really young I wanted to make 3d games and programs like this were to complicated for me, they still are :P) and unity3d, I use blender just for modelin and animating

  15. well you can create games in blender with out programming (better if you do tho) anyways GREATE WORK!

  16. Ok thanks, subscribe and stay tuned because there will be more updates on this as soon I found a better way that doesn't bug out sometimes

  17. OMG!!!! thank god for this game i LOVE parkour games but i dont want to buy mirrors edge thank you mr. jonhy krazy

  18. it's going to take long time for it's release, now I'm working on another title, you can check my newest video for more information

  19. I can't do tutorials because I'm not that good at coding, and I don't remember how exactly I made this, and if I copied the old script it has some problems

  20. Hey if you could help me out a bit that'd be awesome because my game is fast paced parkour and the wall jumps you've programmed are excellent

  21. Hi, just wanna ask if your character is using a character controller or rigid body because I can't seem to get my wall jumping to work. I'm currently using character controller for my player and I make my gravity to 0 when touching the wall and gravity back to 20 when exit the wall. So mine it kinda works but it doesnt look very realistic and it looks buggy. So if you could help me a little that'd be cool of you haha :p

  22. Can you make a tutorial on how to do something like this because this is cool

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