Using Parkour in Airsoft to Sneak Up on Enemies!

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👋 Hello there and welcome to Krzywa, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland!
Today you join me & my special guest Maniek44 playing team deathmatch mode with 20 players on the field. It was a pleasure for me to host his first game on Krzywa and I hope I made it a little bit easier by revealing some Krzywa secrets just before the game, because playing there for the first time with locals can be extremely challenging. Maniek you did quite good job and I hope we will be able to play together in a future again!

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LINK TO MANIEK44 YOUTUBE: @Maniek44 , @Maniek44Eng

🔴 Gun – QRF MOD.1 (KWA) with GATE Titan onboard!
🔴 PT4 & H-Harness (Templars Gear)
🔴 Pistol – Mk23 SOCOM (Tokyo Marui)
🔴 Scope – T1 (Aim-O)
🔴 Scopecam – Scopecam 2 (Runcam)
🔴 BBS – 25g (Madbull)
🔴 Camo – Pencott Wildwood (Helikon-Tex)
🔴 Cameras – Gopro Hero 7, Gopro Hero 6, Gopro Hero, DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM.

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00:00 – COMING UP
00:20 – INTRO
01:02 – LOADOUT
01:25 – PART 1
03:12 – PART 2
06:06 – PART 3
06:32 – PART 4
07:25 – PART 5
08:02 – PART 6
09:52 – PART 7
10:46 – PART 8
11:00 – ENDING


  1. 0:00 Jack Baker sneaking up behind Ethan Winters to say “Welcome to the Family son” PAUNCH

  2. Dude sweet video! Does anyone know the song starting at like 6:07

    EDIT: It's "the way home" – by magic sword.

    I kind thought it was magic sword because I recognized the song at the beginning but wasn't sure


  4. All Slavic languages have a passive ability to understand half of what others said on foreign Slavic language)

  5. Fun, i like the sportsmanship from the people here, respect.

  6. those cheater videos honestly irritate me its all the same shit(guy lies about being hit and its extended for 20 mins for 20m views) these videos of legit gameply and ppl actually having fun is where its at imo

  7. Only the suicidal nutcase can pull this off in a real battlefield scenario

  8. Ok i wasnt expecting hotline miami music in this but now you get a sub

  9. ziomek gdzie wy gracie bo wygląda na fajną miejscówe

  10. With this parkour and stealth i was almost convinced you were a Splinter Cell playing Airsoft

  11. The 2 most beta male activities in one video

  12. I can't escape these songs, i love Hotline Miami man

  13. man i wasnt expecting an airsoft video in poland when you sayd krzywa I was like wait a minute mm fellow polish person

  14. Если вы ищите рекламу для своих курсов польского, то здесь ей самое место. (Почему мне захотелось выучить польский никто не знает)

  15. If a life is a cost to a country
    = the parents worked and paid
    = the schools taught
    = the military trained
    = the future of retiring parents
    = no social-society calculated

    What is the price of storming a building or conducting precision operations in a city(death trap).?

  16. Can U tell what track plays om 8:30 please. ))))

  17. polish people are amazing, this it’s the best run and sportsmanlike game of airsoft i’ve seen on YT

  18. Recently played paintball for the first time, I can’t imagine how tough your skin is.

  19. using movement in apex legends to destroy enemies

  20. The icon that show the guns remind of a game call warface

  21. the nightrunners would be proud, like if you know

  22. I would love to get into airsoft. But I never found a good group to play with back in the paintball days. Just a buncha folks that wouldn’t call hits, and would lose their minds if they ever took a mistaken hit by a player that didn’t know they were already out. Sportsmanship and honesty is key with this and sadly hard to find in my area.

  23. Hotline Miami soundtrack, need I say more.

  24. 1:05 ватафак, иностранцы слушают ру артистов…

  25. Everyone's such a good sport! 😀 Makes the video super enjoyable~

  26. Damn i didin’t know you’re polish lol

  27. i love this it looks like some body cam shit off of a match in mw2 when theres a monkey climbing around

  28. Bro showing XP like hes about to wip out the VTOL 😂

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