Vector ALL TRICKS In Real Life (Parkour game, bonus)


  1. Скинь ссылку как скачать такое же игру Виктор с такими трюками

  2. dash vault and theif vault are just the same

  3. 1fwgxeid1idIqr9 eotorokdodkwieirx 2k

  4. fala e triple arabic flip mais o movimento e o air bomb nada a ver

  5. The fold flip in vector is more tight but props to you still for doing all of the tricks

  6. 💔💔💔💔💔😈😈

  7. Я многии трюки не видел в векто

  8. I got this feeling I can do some of the jumps. And when I get to do em, I see I don't. sigh

  9. Bro where the hell did u come up with these names bro!? Me who does parkour is just laughing on the floor watching u miserably fail at naming things 🤣🤣

  10. It's called air bomb not triple arabic flip please don't me racist

  11. The fold flip is unsatisfying in real life in compared to vector

  12. You forgot one…

    Both direction and magnitude, FLIGHT SUIT, OH YEAH!

  13. I need to know the song can someone tell me

  14. ухты крутой трюк

  15. vectors speices [robot] not a human excuse me for my bad enligsh

    :edit vector is a cyborg because he had a mind of his own also being controlled by a evil force known as meg

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