Vector ALL TRICKS In Real Life (Parkour game)

ALL THE TRICKS from Vector In Real Life | Nick Pro
#Parkour #Vector #NickPro

This app actually has so many cool parkour and gymnastics tricks in it! Most of them are not named properly but that’s ok!


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  1. por qué se me Traba mucho el video y tu

  2. I like vector i love to do frontflip and backflip and air spin

  3. where is the trick when the main character dies

  4. I'm Turkish but I'm still watching it 😎😎

  5. ℝ𝕠𝕒𝕕 ℂ𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕒𝕚𝕟 says:

    Как родители в детстве доберались до школы)))

  6. Nein

    Ich bin bin bin bin bin bin bin bin bin bin bin 9 Jahre und die beiden Kinder in der Schule oder im Rahmen eines Tages die


  7. Nick you should do full vector levels 🏃‍♂️

  8. I'm glad that russian game is popular in west)

  9. I wish i was this skilled and brave. Im scared of heights and have negative upper body strength

  10. I do this to go to school
    (True story)
    My brother always leave at the same time and we always play vector together so we parkor
    To school lol

  11. Imagine how it feels when do backflips and all cool moves like him

  12. Повтори трюк из вектора handspring to roll

  13. Just 'cause no one's asking, does anybody know the name of the song in this video? 🙃

  14. I really like it, good luck with your work

  15. Can you please do this tricks again? I am a Vector Fan like you

  16. I got out bed and went to the living room and watch this video umm i think feel sleepy 😴

  17. 0:00 Gainer Layout
    0:05 Roundoff Double Backflip
    0:11 Double Kong With A Full Twist
    0:15 Kong Gainer
    0:21 Roundoff back Handspring With A Backflip Layout
    0:26 Double Kong
    0:32 Double Webster
    0:39 Dash Frontflip
    0:46 Double Aerial Twist
    0:50 Big Dive Roll
    0:55 Roundoff 2 Back Handsprings With A Backflip Flash
    1:04 Palm Spin Gainer Or Something
    1:09 Bar Swing
    1:14 Kong 360
    1:20 Maybe Frontflip Pike
    1:26 IDK How's called
    1:32 Backflip Layout
    1:38 Punch Frontflip
    1:42 Front Handspring
    1:50 Huge Frontflip
    1:56 Webster (Frontflip With Seperated Legs)
    1:59 Cheat Gainer
    2:05 Maybe A Kong With Dive Roll
    2:09 Fly-Away Layout
    2:15 A Dive Roll With Seperated Legs Maybe
    2:20 Frontflip With A Cartwheel Sideflip
    2:26 2 Front Handsprings
    2:34 Punch Sideflip
    2:38 Fly-Away
    2:44 One Handed Cartwheel Off Of An Obstacle Maybe
    2:47 Two Websters
    2:53 Dash Vault
    2:56 Descent Vault
    3:05 Frontflip To Roll
    3:10 Maybe a Hurdle With Both Legs
    3:14 Gate Vault
    3:20 Kong Vault Rodeo Because We Grab The Ankles Then We Arch The back behind
    3:25 Kong Vault with the technic for kong precision
    3:28 Hurdle
    3:31 Reverse Vault
    3:36 Rocky Boy Vault because the rocky boy might be in this position
    3:38 Lazy Vault Or Thief Vault maybe they are the same
    3:43 A Big Jump With A Reverse Vault Then A Shoulder Roll
    3:49 climbing A Wall With A 360
    3:55 Jumping With a Full Twist
    3:59 A Cartwheel
    4:05 Underbar
    4:09 Kash Vault .

  18. Am I the only one who thought he was Jacksepticeye?

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