Vector Full Story Classic All Tricks Montage
Parkour Game [ Android / iOS / PC Steam ]
All Shadow Free Running Tricks in Game
1. Obstacle Front Flip
2. Barrel Vault
3. Rail Flip Vault
4. Air Spin
5. Vert Vault
6. Rocket Vault
7. Monkey Vault
8. Thief Vault
9. Reverse Vault
10. Spinning Vault
11. Jump Tumble
12. Hand Spring to Roll
13. Obstacle Vault
14. Back Hand Spring
15. Jump Wheel
16. Triple Swing
17. Double Spin Vault
18. Flying Arrow
19. Split Vault
20. Side Bomb
21. Dash Vault
22. Wall Back Roll
23. Dive Down
24. Triple Trick to Swallow
25. Double Jump and Roll
26. Side Flip
27. Monkey to Bomb
28. Screw Driver
29. Webster to Salto
30. Long Circle
31. Swallow
32. Triple Hit Trick
33. Spin Bicycle
34. Bar Jump
35. Roll to Straight Legs Flip
36. Back Flip
37. Long jump to Barrel
38. Dash to Front Flip
39. Double Kong
40. Air Bomb
41. Cool Swing
42. Jump Spin Vault
43. Jump Down Roll
44. Descent Vault
45. King Kong to Bend
46. Monkey to Back Flip
47. Double Spin Roll
48. Bar Back Flip
49. Gate Vault
50. Straight Legs Flip
51. Fold Flip
52. Boom Boom Shooh
53. Flip and Roll
54. Slow Spin
55. 360 Wall Cling
56. Under Bar
57. Cheat Gainer
58. Spin 360
59. King Kong Jump Off
60. Double Back
+ No Name Tricks in The Game

All Music in This Video
Track 1 : More Plastic – Rewind [NCS Release]
Track 2 : Barren Gates – Devil (VIP) [NCS Release]
Track 3 : High Maintenance – Change Your Ways (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Track 4 : Rob Gasser & Laura Brehm – Vertigo (Spitfya Remix)
Track 5 : Mountkid – Dino [NCS Release]
Track 6 : Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release]
Track 7 : Anna Yvette – Running Out of Time [NCS Release]
All Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.


  1. Everyone thinks vector is a normal person no he was hunter after he escaped he became a human and he learned all this to hunt down more people

  2. SOO COOL!!! ❤️❤️❤️🛹🌀🎧😎💯

  3. man is so determined to run away from his boring stressful life that he became a parkour master with probably no training

  4. big shoutout to that person chasing vector, how has he not freaking give up seeing his victim doing tricks while running away from his life

  5. Os melhores momentos rápidos vector

  6. Wish they added in custom levels and level editor : (

  7. I went to an jumping house a few weeks ago,and I managed to do the flip and roll and the bar jump. I guess those moves were stuck in my mind for them to happen so fluid and smooth!

  8. Wish I can play parkour like that in real life

  9. When I completed vector years ago, some of these tricks weren't there

  10. Bro is just a chad. That’s the only explanation.

  11. Video to edit realistic video vector to jump

  12. are some of the moves only in the Paid Version?

  13. Great edit quality brother ❤

  14. did you bought the premium version because i don’t see some of these tricks

  15. Queria ver un video de todos los trucos de Vector y termine viendo todos los trucos de Vector en un video muy bien editado con las mejores transiciones. 💯💯💯💯

  16. I like the first song 🎵 I so amazing

  17. I love vector his tricks are so amazing

  18. Is it just me or do I not have some of these stunts, am I tripping or am I missing something in the new remaster?

  19. The headache was some hacker installing a parkour update to him before making him run and escape.

  20. I love that this man just got off the office for the first time in his life but he knows every parkour move in history of mankind XD

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