VR Parkour and Guns In Stride VR on Oculus Quest 2

Check out Stride in Stereo 360 here –
Stride VR on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 is pretty much Mirrors Edge VR and that’s not a bad thing. The amount of Parkour VR Games Oculus Quest 2 are lacking and this makes up for it in a lot of ways. Check out Stride VR on the Quest store here –

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  1. Why didn't BMF just upload the 360 video on this channel?

  2. Can you switch what hand you use to run because I have controller drift on my left controller.

  3. They could of easily added multiplayer to arena and had 6 players chasing each other around the roof tops with a gun and last one alive wins pr 3v3 just tweak the map abit to make it bigger and add ziplines and grapling hooks in more places….

  4. This game is old. Why is there videos made for this? Silly Quest peasants lol

  5. Great review. Missing the parkour meme from the office but other then that pretty solid

  6. I got it I was too 5 because I got it super early but then hours later I was 100 place

  7. Looks great. Does it cause motion
    Sickness ?

  8. WOW. I've always appreciated your realistic/consumer approach to games (for example, your being willing to express your honest fear in the horror genre), but even in the first half of this vid you're displaying some crazy dexterity/hand-eye coordination/peripheral-awareness… coordination. Which I guess is just to say VR experience and excellence. Thanks for being such an excellent Quest guide!

  9. This game is a freaking blast. So much fun and it doesn’t get boring.

  10. I wish i knew this was coming out i bought zero caliber but ill save up and buy this

  11. Wait when did you start putting bible verses in you videos that cool

  12. For the love of god what's with the cringe thumbnail???? Nobody wants to see a goofy fake expression. Please stop

  13. Will cooking simulator vr come to quest and quest 2

  14. I'm starting to think the inside of his left cheek is jealous of his right cheek🤣!!!

  15. Drop the Bible verses. They have no place in a VR gaming news and game showcase channel. I won’t be allowing my kids to watch this channel anymore until they are gone and you stop trying to indoctrinate your viewers. Every one that I see will get a thumbs down.

  16. It has a great foundation but needs wayyyy more content

  17. this man is married to glass apparently

  18. where is the link to the stereoscopic 360 vr experience of stride?

  19. ITS FINALLY HERE???!!! SSIIICck. Although I'm thinking maybe I should wait for the PSVR version, for hopefully better graphics (yes, worse display but often much better graphics. what a paradox) and not have to wait for the story mode.

  20. Actual Parkour person here: I think that I would enjoy this 500% more if it were almost EXACTLY like Mirror's Edge. As in, button presses for up and down movements, head tracking obviously, but hand presence only for shooting and climbing, and actually using physics and momentum. Because right now, it doesn't look like your jump distance has ANY relation to how fast you're moving, and the wall-runs look like there isn't anything keeping track of the what the character's feet are meant to be doing and the relationship between that and your momentum and gravity. Without this I don't think it really captures what doing parkour is really like. So this would detract a lot from the immersion for everyone who knows better.
    Let me know if I'm wrong, as I'm only judging from the video!

    Basic Parkour things that seem completely absent: -Rolls (essential)
    -jumps from cat leap position
    – tic-tacs (not the mints)
    – any and all vaulting techniques other than kongs and speed vaults

  21. Definitely would love if they added pump music to get you fully immersed in the game

  22. Looks awesome. It's so much like mirrors edge. I hope the building graphics get improved they look bland and all the same

  23. You can basically double jump too and I want to know if that’s a bug or intentional. ._.

  24. What’s with the instahit snipers? They tell you to just bob and weave but im not a hyperactive dog, and would prefer my headset stay on said head. They teleport in and hit you before you even notice them, and they have an instant bead on you.

  25. Bro I bought it but it won’t work as soon as I try to load in it kicks me out and I’ve wanted it for a year and as soon as I get it It don’t work😢

  26. I wanna play this game while sitting down tho😁

  27. Man I wish the released Magic The Gathering in vr, like cards and tankards but of course with Magic

  28. does anyone know how to fix the syncing game forever thing

  29. Hey Matt I don’t know if you read all your comments but please contact me at justin@odinoms.com I was hoping to speak with you in regards to doing like a PSA regarding vr

  30. Apparently they are adding multiplayer and story mode later on, I find that ridiculously stupid why are they releasing the game before it finished? Story and multiplayer are usually vital parts of the game I just don’t get why they don’t release the game with story and multiplayer instead of releasing half the game and leaving the rest for later

  31. Hey Matt Can You Please Post About Boneworks Project 4?

  32. Got enough money for my oculus quest 2, now I'm just waiting the 9 days for them to go back on sale, so hyped!!

  33. 6:16 lmao random bible quote? Never seen this channel before but it’s a nice one, just wondering if that is a hidden tging

  34. What I think is a good friend game is a fast-paced shooter with cool parkour, and stride seems to be PERFECT with my description.

  35. quest version looks like half life but with good hud

  36. Ok just the first line is gold, you just got yourself another sub 😀

  37. Just geeked out like a 9 year old beating the final time run with 3 stars ! Deffo worth it especially with multiplayer coming

  38. This game looks like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to try parkour. As someone who hasn't developed their VR legs yet, I would like to know if there are comfort settings in the game. I want to try this game but I don't want to spend money only to literally feel sick minutes later

  39. Question. So I got the game and I want to know if there was an option to change the jump controls because at least for me it was kind of hard to hold down the jump button raise my hands up in the air and then let go of the jump button all without forgetting to let go of the jump button

  40. When i saw the bullets i accidentally dodged irl

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