VR Parkour and Guns In Stride VR on Oculus Quest 2

Check out Stride in Stereo 360 here –
Stride VR on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 is pretty much Mirrors Edge VR and that’s not a bad thing. The amount of Parkour VR Games Oculus Quest 2 are lacking and this makes up for it in a lot of ways. Check out Stride VR on the Quest store here –

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  1. hahahahahahaha the start got me to laugh

  2. Bmf can I get a vr plz I’m 12 and I wanna do it but my mom got no money

  3. not impressed at all the grahpics and mechanics suck dick

  4. Seems like a fun game, but it looks like I would get bored of it after an hour or two.

  5. I regret changing my Quest 2 for PSVR 🙁

    Update: I decided to sell my PSVR in order for me to get another Quest 2, I already sold the PSVR it got sold really quick lol

  6. is there anything in oculus version that isnt in pcvr version?

  7. Really cool, definitely going to check it out

  8. I like the Bible verses in the video I’ve never noticed until now but that’s pretty cool of you 🙏

  9. It has a To The Top feel to it. And I loved that game so I may need to check this one out.

  10. I just bought this on pc so I could play on my oculus quest 2 and now they release it on the quest 2.

  11. I just played arena mode this is so much fun!

  12. Can you do beat saber and Shooters on the 360° channel


  14. Glad you enjoyed it! STRIDE is our main priority, and we're already working on putting the multiplayer modes on Oculus Quest.

  15. Does it have a sitting mode? I'm in a wheelchair so I need a crouch button.

  16. I just got the game did training an messed around a bit. The interaction is awesome how you run jump slide.

  17. Its a cool game concept, but it’s not that good of a game. I mean the graphics aren’t good and the shooting is bad. But it seems like a fun parkour experience, I really hope they update it though

  18. Great video bro! Can you do a tutorial on how you record the 360 videos?🙏

  19. BMF, if you read this, I just wanna say that you should start reviewing games instead of just showcasing them. You don't know how many bad purchases I've made because you've made games look way more fun than they actually are. So please start making reviews or at least point out the bad stuff about the games.

  20. I just tried this out & i got motion sickness. Had to stop playing. Didn’t even get passed the beginning tutorial of the game. Going to ask for my money back on this one. Sucks because i was so excited about this game!! Anybody else get motion sickness from this game?

  21. 6:17 shows a message from BMF VR? Why are there bible verses in my VR Game reviews?

  22. Noticably missing from the game: Music. No chill ambient trance in the menus. No hearbeat when disintigration is catching up to the player. The trials feel like they are about 3-4x shorter than they should be. Instead of 45 seconds, they should be 3min. That will create meaningful differences on the leaderboard. When you fail, it seems like the outro is too abrupt. aka it just loads you right out to the main menu instantly… otherwise pretty cool game if you can stomach it.

  23. This going to help me reach my move goal easily 😁

  24. Do you dislike any games I feel I can never get a honest review on YouTube anyone here actually play this and is not a npc

  25. I finally found someone who is just as bad at VR games as I am, and I'm a paraplegic.

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