Watch Dogs 2 Parkour Game Stunts In Real Life

Recreating parkour stunts from Watch Dogs 2. Check out the related gaming video:

Featured Parkour Athletes:
Keith Weagle

Mayah Lowry

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  1. Today free on epic games great idea to publish the video today

  2. Good job! That was really fun to watch. You and your friends are even better than the video game!

  3. You’ve gotta do Prince of Persia parkour now 🙂

  4. Really relevant since watch dogs 2 went free this week.

  5. The camera setup and movement is pretty spicy 👌

  6. I'm watching you at that day when you have only 50k ❤️

  7. I love how Ronnie was chasing the peeper. 😂 The real trick is keeping them in your hand! So why you've got to put your thumb on top of them when they're in your hand to look at them. Just, remember to be gentle 😜

  8. Hey Ronnie you can do win vs fail
    Compilation video like Nick pro 🙏
    Ronnie Shalvis and Nick Provost
    Are friends🤔, I'm big fan of nick
    Provost and Ronnie Shalvis 🥰❤️…

  9. ronnie u got frogs in ur area where i live it jus the same species of lizards

  10. I told you to make watch dog 2 video and you make thank you so much

  11. Dude this series is gonna be awesome! You can literally show side by side videos from Assassin’s Creed!

  12. It’s a little embarrassing,but watch dogs 2 was actually the reason why I even started doing parkour,so I’m really glad you made this video

  13. is there not parkour in the new watchdogs games?
    he struggled with a tic tac?
    glad to hear ronnie's not the only one who's ripped his shirt on a fence. I mean, I've only done it once.
    The girl didn't do any vaults :/ XD Kieth is a killa at parkour. he's good

  14. Meanwhile me: trying to shoot web from my hand like how spiderman did 😁

  15. i have a question when we do a barrel do we kinda roll foward or sideways?

  16. sorry i meant how do i improve my parkour vision ?

  17. Если тут есть русские то ответе

  18. 6:17 should've said:"I don't think I can pull that off cuz uhmm….. PHYSICS🤷🏻‍♂️"

  19. I've been watching this man for years & he never disappoints good stuff Ronnie man

  20. You might have answered this but are you from Salt Lake City? Noticed your Spiderman videos look very familiar 🤔 great videos man keep it up!

  21. I like parkour. I want to become like you, please give the tips for improving myself

  22. Do you think you can do this while cosplaying as Aiden Pierce

  23. That was very fun😁 do more videos with your friends it's cool to see the different styles and move🔥

  24. กุ๊กไก่ กุ๊กไก่ says:

    Swallow is my fav move

  25. You actually can make him do the flips not automaticly. Just slowly (like… Not pressing "shift" just press "w") run up to the edge while holding "space" button.

  26. 2:50 I literally had this once recently. I was jumping onto a fence like that, but without using my hands, but the fronts of my shoes had peeled away at the base, so they were hanging down, caught the fence, and tripped me. I had to make the same forward roll emergency landing and I ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT! 🤩🤩🤩 Sadly, my shins did get ripped open pretty badly

  27. I’m a big fan of watchdogs two in such a good game you have pretty good parkour skills

  28. Just jog off and tap Square or X 4 times depending on your console not sure what it is on PC

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