Watch Dogs 2 Parkour Game Stunts In Real Life

Recreating parkour stunts from Watch Dogs 2. Check out the related gaming video:

Featured Parkour Athletes:
Keith Weagle

Mayah Lowry

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  1. Hey im your fan name my is joão pinho ai lke parkour games

  2. Yes I love this video congrats your a part of dedsec keep up the good work

  3. I like the idea (havent finished the video yet just saying)

  4. no views
    youtube stop being on crack

  5. Ok im the first but thats not the point …… The point ia that it has 18 likes ! YouTube is broken

  6. Been watching since 2016 and your still making great content ( :

    Edit: typo

  7. Ronnie is best,
    Morgz is worst,
    Nobody cares,
    If you are first.

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