Watch Dogs 2 | Parkour | Run 11

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  1. Man I miss this game. Does my stuff carry on over to ps5/next gen?

  2. i actually got a kong vault in this game when i was vaulting off a fence into water lol

  3. The game looks good but the Wi-Fi dropped by one bar and so I can only see three pixels moving on a screen

  4. I love how natural and real the animations feel!

  5. Watch Dogs: Driving Simulator
    Watch Dogs 2: Parkour Simulator

  6. From where did you get these clothes i have searched almost all shopping stores but didn't find it

  7. It ain’t much. But it’s still better than the rpg AC games.

  8. if you have a laptop bag to run pakour with make sure you mount it in the front because those roll on back would break it

  9. Brother you get any profit of this channel????

  10. This game screams 2016 lol look at his neon shoes and cap

  11. I still think parkour in WD1 was more fun, mainly because of all the parkour objectives.

  12. pls tell me the outfit where did you get it

  13. Watch Dogs 2 is such a vibrant and lively fun game with lots of things to do but at the same time it has this sort of boring atmosphere around it that you don't know why or how to solve cause if you look at all categories Watch Dogs 2 is pretty much perfect

    I'm guessing maybe it depends on how frequently you play the game and your mood but yeah Watch Dogs 2 is such a fucking masterpiece (wd1 story better tho)

    thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  14. Ese juego tiene todo de gta 5 menos la movilidad

  15. this should be the animation for assassins creed games these days. the parkour in acvalhalla sucks d*ck. i still love the animation of unity

  16. Finalmente eu sei o nome da música sem zueira o nome é SHAREfactory Music: Taking Over

  17. hola vengo aser mi comentario en español usen traductor pero soy yo parece montaje de cod modern warfare de esos que se hacían en 2009 aparte de la musica que usa y eso

  18. Where can i get this dress

  19. C'est bien ma demarche avec les jambes toujours un peut plier. 🤔

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