Watch Dogs 2 | Parkour | Run 5

I added a Chase Scene!
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  1. Bruh plz tell me what is ur brightness value of wd2

  2. Ubisoft watch dogs and ac has good parkour thats why they are really good games

  3. Watch dogs 2 fan: wearing cool clothe

    Watch dogs 2 enjoyers: wearing exotic and classic clothe

  4. How do you get him to do a backflip every time outta curiosity

  5. Marcus Holloway is the KING OF PARKOUR!!!!! 😎

  6. what’s the music in the background? i love it

  7. Who here still plays this absolute buet of a game💯🔥

  8. Nice vid, but where can I get that outfit?

  9. Anyone know how to get his outfit it is so good

  10. Lets see if they are still hearting and commenting on comments after 5 years

  11. Yo parkour in this game is amazing becouse there's no annoying people who screams every time while you're parkouring, i do parkour and It's fckng annoying

  12. 1,8 million just to spam shift and do backflips, god likes this man


  14. I only met WD 2 because of this channel, 6 years ago I saw a wonderful game on an incredible channel. And being back here brings back so many memories!Thank you, I thank you on behalf of Brazil… I think in my country this is the video that stands out with WD 2 parkour

  15. What are the chances that this comme t will get a heart six years later?

  16. Uhhhh how do I get this outfit it looks so drippy

  17. How are you doing somersaults tell me the keys ps4

  18. We need another Watch Dogs with this level of parkour animations, but even more added, Marcus is such a beast, tho tonally for his character it felt like ludonarrative dissonance to have him kill anyone, maybe exception was after Horatio was murdered (Rip my boy Horatio) but man i loved everything about Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs 1 I personally think is mid and i don’t like Aiden as a character, i thought Jordi, Clara, and even Ray were far more interesting characters 🤷‍♂️

  19. This game looks more next gen than newer games.

  20. I think I have to exercise quite A lot while I Revalidate….. But….. We'll see at the end of the year now they repaired my heart ❤🎉❤❤❤😊💞

  21. Скачать попрыгать что ли снова

  22. Сальто конечно калечно выглядит

  23. Great i think im starting to like sleeping dogs 😢

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