Watch Dogs Parkour in Real Life in 4K

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Super thanks to Ubisoft who makes the video game Watch Dogs. Super thanks to them for helping make this video happen! It was awesome working with them.

Video features Chris Romrell and Robert Bennett. Both are awesome. Check out their youtube channel in the link below where they do free running/parkour.

For that main cop I got the privilege to have Wheezy Waiter, aka Craig, be in my video. He’s an amazing youtuber/comedian. Check out his channel in the link below!

Produced by: Jacob Schwarz
Gaffer: David Thorpe
Location Manager: Patrick Muldoon
You can hire him for locations at [email protected]
Extras/Cars: All my amazing fans

The AWESOME costume was made by my friend Allison Dredge! Make sure to check out her facebook page, and make sure to tell her she should work with me again! 🙂 🙂

Music by Stephen Anderson. He does a ton of the music for my vids, and all his stuff is amazing!!!

Visual Effects done by Jared Moench.
[email protected]

Sound design by my friend Dan Pugsley. This guy is amazing!

Directed by Devin Graham
Edited by Devin and Parker Walbeck
Cinematography by Devin

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  1. Damn, I want the same attachment or site like Aiden's

  2. I can't believe I'm only just discovering this. A watch dogs movie would be pretty awesome

  3. They need to make a Watchdogs movie next! 🍿

  4. AWESOME! As a huge gaming nerd and fan of Watch Dogs still playing in 2022 this ROCKS!

  5. Why am I being recommended this crap. So weird.

  6. I’m replaying Watch Dogs atm. I loved this when it was first released

  7. What camera do you used to make this short film

  8. 8 years ago and still no Watch Dogs movie yet we got sonic the hedgehodg.

  9. This just made me appreciate how accurate watch dogs' version of Chicago is .

  10. Cool App man. I just found it on the Apple Store.

  11. this is… WAY too good. this kind of production is unreal

  12. Awesome the way they have taking this video 😎

  13. He hacks, he parkours. This guy is one dedicated grey hat.

  14. Omg. Now it's one of my favourite chasing scenes in cinematography

  15. If only the parkour in watch dogs was this good.. just imagine watch dogs but with the original parkour from the old assassins creed games.. would just be perfect 👌🏼

  16. The ultra realistic graphics mod we all deserve !

  17. He can hack earything with his nokia 3310

  18. Ander looks like his Redmi 304000 cell phone hacking everything like combat angel

  19. A movie of this would have been amazing and worth watching 💯👌

  20. Ya me jugué el juego 3 veces no me lo hagas jugar una 4 vez XD

  21. Movie or series of this please

  22. All of this trouble just for 90 XP and some small reputation points?

  23. How the F did I missed this 9 years ago like why did nobody told me this existed.

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