WCT 3 – Match 4 – The Boys v Ape Escape

This is definitely one of our favourite matches of the tournament – The Boys v Ape Escape. There were some crazy tags / Evasions and three of the Chases featured in the ‘Best Chase Competition’. For more info on the athletes involved, check out the links below:

Ape Escape:

Valentin Dubois:

Nabil Hadim:

Leo Urban:

Caryl Cordt-Moller:

Augustin Ciavaldini:

The Boys:

Tavon McVey:

Davis Vasconcellos:

Joey Adrian:

Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo

Frank Mejia:

Damien Devaux –
Connor O’Carroll –

For more Chase Tag™ content and info, check out:

Keep Chasing and Don’t Get Caught!



    1st choice: comfortable life (human contacts, fun, relationships, easy work)

    2nd choice: remedy the one made by the first choice (all the opposite of the life of the first)

    3rd choice, etc.: no personality suitable to survive, probable life as a tramp (in the middle of the street), absolutely no human contact, fun, future, precious things, relationships. With the personality they give you to do all these things it will be too complicated. Probable acts of violence or discrimination, no work or if there is very hard. High probability of suicide.

    Procedure: there comes a time when suddenly Christ and Satan show up in front of the mirror and by deception force to choose one of the two. By choosing the first, the following things happen: Christ, the Virgin Mary and in case some saints show up and in case you are playing or having fun in any way they force you to work and toil helping someone always with their voice and their words inside your head. Their procedure consists of this: prevent you from having fun, drinking, masturbating, etc. and getting sledding like a mule.

    Being as they say second choice, you should only work from morning to night and nothing else. Anything else is not good for them. At first Christ pretends to be God and shows you how he pretends to give you gifts by putting for a moment a kind of white glow at the height of the navel and telling you that they give a "gift" to everyone and no more than one but in reality, they are all lies that as you go on, they come out on their own. They try to frame you with vague promises, rewards and various scum once in what they call "paradise", but once they verify that the element in question doesn't take the bait (because he’s not a moron!) they begin to reveal their infamous procedures that they have implemented to try to ruin his life.

    As a second choice you are given a very antisocial, extreme and stray personality so that you cannot have any kind of contact with other people (friendships, relationships) because you see everyone else as if they came from another planet and there is no kind of compatibility. In addition to this your physique is damaged with the following things and for the following reasons: first you will have few or no muscles at all as having been damaged at birth you will be sick and you will have a disposition to make revenge and war against everyone; per second you will have some knee problems that will prevent you from practicing any type of sport in a serious way and third you will have some kind of defect or imperfection in intimate parts such as various spots, in, strange shapes, etc. so as to prevent you from having any kind of relationship.

    The second choice should according to their infamous system try to remedy the wrong things that someone who died 40 years ago or more has combined.

    In paradise a kind of personal "circle" is created where there are the spirits of all the people who have had some kind of importance in your life: family members, sports idols, musicians, actors or characters compatible with your personality or with the life you have to make. All these characters are obliged to show up and say certain phrases with the purpose of deceiving and doing things that the person in question would not do in itself. They also take advantage of the relationship of admiration you had for them when they were alive to get you to have a conversation, but it's all a lie, the real purpose is to analyze your way of thinking and acting and your personality to see if you can overcome certain obstacles, cheating and lies that will try to get you on the road.

    Of all the characters you see the Virgin Mary is the most annoying of all. She talks all the time saying a lot of lies to see if someone is so stupid to believe in it (like their altar boys) and she always and constantly repeats the same things until nausea (procedure). She cries all the time and says she's the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Their way of speaking is to repeat in your head their phrases that irritate and provoke and annoy you to the point of nausea as the angriest you are, the more your nerves jump and the more vulnerable you are to them because you could lose control of your actions and do what they want. They never believe in threats to make them stop until they are put into practice.

    At the beginning of the journey if you rebel against their infamous system, they can resort to making the devil appear.

    Not having chosen him appears much poorer than he appears to his followers. He can appear in many different forms but usually appears with red eyes and the stick it uses to subdue its followers. Among the things he does to you we find: images of spiders quite credible in the head, temptations of various kinds very treacherous. At first it makes you think he wants to take you into his group by always making you trawls to try to frame yourself (for example women you might have, things that might happen to you, etc.) and then tries to bother you at night by showing you his red eyes, goat legs, strange faces and telling you to come to his group. To try to submit use a kind of feeling of great warmth at the height of the navel that is transmitted throughout the body and that almost gives the feeling of fainting. It is overcome by always being in the company of someone, as it must be stealthy and cannot leave traces. During submission attempts, every thought, everything read and seen, and every memory will be used as a weapon against you.

    On some occasions it may go so far as to tell you to give him your soul, that is, to perform the following ritual: to write explicitly your intention on a sheet of paper, to bring blood out of your body and sign with it. As a final act burn the sheet (which is absolutely to be avoided as then you do not go back).

    Their followers to get any kind of role in hell must sacrifice everything they have in life and kill someone, better if someone they care about or some complete stranger and as a final gesture themselves.

    Demons cannot bring anything out and it must be the adept who performs certain rituals to learn new things and improve level, but at each of these acts their lives are ruined more and more.

    Hell consists of 9 levels.

    The souls of people who commit suicide are struck by the eyes little by little until they get their eyes ripped, a process that lasts years and they have to turn 15 turns before they can be saved.

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  3. എന്റമ്മോ ഇതെന്ത് കളി🧤

  4. Is that the guy from the USA tv show, TAG? There was always one dude that just dominated on that show

  5. My country participates in this game, you won't win over Vietnam

  6. I don't know how I found this but this is cool

  7. These guys don't need to worry about their fitness if they keep playing this xD

  8. I just found a sport that I love to watch.
    This feels like the embodiment of "just guys being dudes".

  9. Now this is the professional tag game very different from our childhood

  10. I came after watching insta reels looks good 😌

  11. Aqui no Brasil a gente chama isso de "Manja Pega".

  12. Терпи моя красавица says:

    Если вы загоните туда обычного человека, тот будет за ними бегать вечно!)

  13. Me: I want assassin's creed
    Mom: we have assassin's creed at home
    assassin's creed at home

  14. June 19, 2018 Vision for Planetary Alignment

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    After checking it, it rained very heavily and terribly like a water bomb. And suddenly a huge tsunami struck between the east and the south.

    All of a sudden, I'm out of my mind. Laundry and stuff, refrigerators and all appliances float on the water in a fraction of a second. I have no mind. It happened so suddenly.

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    Jun 12 2022 Vision for Planetary Alignment (June 19, 2018)

  15. Can some someone please tell me what shoes these guys use ?? Seems they won't wear out that easy.

  16. When the sub teacher let's us play Tag in the class💀

  17. They say this is the only game played by the kids of all cultures of the world.
    It was meant to be an official sport.

  18. I did this on PE classes for my student's 😆

  19. I own a cigarette company I'd love to sponsor you guys

  20. plot twist: they are training to rob a bank

  21. diteun abi mah nu kieu teh di sebat na ucing udag 😀 hahaha

  22. is so good🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱

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