When does Parkour Reborn come out?

In this video, you’ll see some basic gameplay footage, details on when Parkour Reborn will release, and a bunch of details on what the game will be and how it will play.

bixby – endlessly
bixby – easy
tsubi club – burbank house


  1. so i cant use a glove & grappler at the same time? or am I tripping?

  2. so when it comes out like the game but will the game have robux to join or will it be free so people don't have to spend robux because I broke and I'm a noob Lol but will it be free

  3. This is really cool but pls let player get all the gears at a good rate and not grinding for 2 years:)

  4. Sorry but it took about 4 months for the final update

  5. question will parkour reborn compatible with mobile?

  6. do we get out gamepasses we bought in parkour legacy when we join parkour reborn or will we have to buy our gamepasses again?

  7. "Hey guys we'll be release in 2026 sorry!"

  8. Wait but will it be MOBILE accessible? (I probably won’t)

  9. Hey @hudzell i hope you read this but in 14 days its my birthday and prob your gonna read this in other day long day but can you give me something as a bday gift? Please also nice work with Parkour reborn you exited me a lot See ya

  10. I hope reborn releases very soon, the map is huge, the lighting and bloom is very fitting, I really hope that the game releases this year.

  11. do you keep the gears you bought in parkour legacy?

  12. i didnt come here to find iut when reborn releases, i came here to ask if u can unban nuciearz from the og parkour

  13. Will this be on console like in legacy parkour?

  14. i'm happy reborn isn't as focused on speed as current parkour! dashing and flying around is fun sure but i missed it when parkour was more about running and doing cool strings of movement

  15. Dude the game footage comforted my eyes

  16. I THINK REALLY COOL THING. Can be that there can be npcs just chilling and if the player dose somting cool and lands near the NPC they say somting like (NICE MOVES) or (DAMM BRO/GIRL YOU GOT MOVES) it can make the game feel more alive even when playing in a vip server

  17. Would be really cool if there were like chambers or levels and if you just wanna roam there is free roam mode and also racing

  18. I know I'm kinda late but can the full tilt setting like in th e OG Parkour be in Parkour reborn

  19. this is looking very much like mirrors edge, lots of similarities which i love, i wouldn't mind if the buildings stayed how they appeared here, gives a futuristic vibe considering it's "reborn"

  20. just make it possible to level up and i'll be golden

  21. I'm glad reborn is leaning towards more of an immersive, explorative kind of style :> It's really easy to forget that you're doing """""Parkour"""" In the current game due to how insane and exxagerated it is. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, the current game is FANTASTIC and works well as an arcade experience about doing whatever you want, but reborn is definitely gonna make running around feel more feasible and immersive which the current game cant really do well ]:>

  22. hudzell i got problem in ur Pakour game. My data wont save im level 150 and 249k points and i get 250k points and lvl 151. I rejoin and i still have lvl 150 and 249k points

  23. yo man hudzell i lost all in parkour brother what i can do to gain back all my gloves and things

  24. I’m concerned because of the one-way path upgrade cause I don’t want to do a wrong path and miss out on the other pass

  25. Gonna love my 5 fps gameplay!

  26. YOU SAID IT WILL RELEASE ONE OR TWO MONTHS(yes i am the impatient time).

  27. i kinda want to have some style setup where doing unique movesets will net more points to encourage players to play more “stylishly”. Note that im heavily biased to games like dmc5 or Ultrakill but having a reward system for utilising all of the mechanics rather than dashing every second is something i wish to see

  28. It was so hard to level up in the og game so I was playing modded but that got boring because I learned every bit of the map and I was tured from it I hope the new game has more things to do and I developed half decent skills while playing modded so I hope my skills would be relevant when it releases:)

  29. Is there gonna be mobile support or is it going to come much later like in Parkour?

  30. Bro this looks so fun and sick I can’t wait🎉

  31. Can you make a tutorial how to do all gearless dashes

  32. Wow this looks really good! I think the mirrors edge catalyst style of the new city looks amazing and the more simple parkour mechanics are making me exited!

  33. I really hope the controller optimization is better in this game, since it’s pretty bad imo for current parkour

  34. also will gamepasses carry over? I don’t want to have to spend 1k robux again 🙁

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