When does Parkour Reborn come out?

In this video, you’ll see some basic gameplay footage, details on when Parkour Reborn will release, and a bunch of details on what the game will be and how it will play.

bixby – endlessly
bixby – easy
tsubi club – burbank house


  1. Bro hudzell can u make parkour reborn for mobile too 😒

  2. It’s 2024 boays
    and you said it was gonna release this March maybe I’m not mad but it’s March and the game looks so cool your developers are so good ty for developing a long waiting game

  3. Will parkour reborn will be on mobile to when it release

  4. Add the old walking animation back please or make it a setting

  5. baby you light up my world like nobody else

  6. i will just miss a lot the wall jump boosts, but this game is making my expectations so freaking high that i will be disappointed even the game is truly amazing lol

  7. Hudzell theres only two genders bud your a boy not a girl

  8. me checking this in 2024:😩😩

  9. I saw divided on another video and i am excited πŸ˜†

  10. "It'll be sometime in 2023" Brudda, you may have lied to us all, but you're taking you're time to make an absolute banger of a game…

  11. Bro, it released for open public for like 3-4 days. And the game doesn't seem to have changed much since this video. and it is 2024 now.

  12. The game Made me pay again even tho I had already done it. What should I do?

  13. no gd already got 2.2, this’ll come out in 9.9

  14. Bi weekly devlogs? it has been a year, will it be bi yearly devlog instead or sum?!?!??!

  15. reborn is out rn in alpha for 350 robux.if you wanna wait until it goes free you gotta wait till beta (current estimate for beta release: may 2024)

  16. its 2024 now and you still cant play it for freeπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  17. please add tag to your game with a no border option that woudl be so fun πŸ¦”β„

  18. great video so excited to play this with friends, im just imagining playing tag with my friends with roblox voice chat, would be so fun πŸ¦”β„

  19. its been a YEAR bruh when will it release 😞

  20. 0:30 a year later (2023) and it's still in alpha πŸ˜‚

  21. Reborn is my style i like smooth gameplay

  22. I purchased parkour on mobile and it didn’t work plz fix

  23. if you make the game free, i am going to say the N-word (i am white)

  24. Im wondering about levels but is it like permanent so you can never ever change the path you chose?Or, can you have both paths but not both at the same time?

  25. i just want my wallclimb boost backthen im good

  26. It dosent work on my account i JUST WANTED TO PLAY 😭😭😭😭

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