When does Parkour Reborn come out?

In this video, you’ll see some basic gameplay footage, details on when Parkour Reborn will release, and a bunch of details on what the game will be and how it will play.

bixby – endlessly
bixby – easy
tsubi club – burbank house


  1. For real, i wanna say u some stuff: hudzell parkour is rlly good game, i love it, its literally my favourite game like evade or smth, ur scripts like wallboost are amaizing, but…parkour legacy is dead and only reborn has saved its history!! In future when i learn lua i will create similar game like parkour (i hope u won't get mad and report for stealing idea) but its gonna be like fanmade in honor of parkour

  2. By the time the game comes out there will be sea 4 in blox fruits (just a joke I don’t play blox fruits)

  3. I wanna play parkour reborn so bad but I can only play on pc even thought I don’t have one I main mobile but keep it up❤❤

  4. Hansel, can you add mobile in parkour reborn😊


  6. Hi I'm from 2024 and it's gonna come out in may YAY but don't be so excited their gonna change it if they need time DUCK! THIS GAME IS GONNA COME OUT IN 2025 BET

  7. Yo hudzell someone has the exact same game as reborn

  8. hey hudzell i was wondering if you could help me with a parkour game i’m working on, all i need is some help please i hope you can help me.

  9. I’m a mobile player and i bought early access… could you give me a refund or make a mobile system? (I don’t have pc and don’t have money for pc) If you wanna check if I actually bought early, my account is asgoff2017. Godspeed to you, @Hudzell.

  10. When will mobile be added? I cant really play on computer as i dont have one and my brothers one is broken and i dont really know how to do anything on computer so all i can do is play on mobile and im really exited for this! And if this game will come out when gta 6 does(2025) will i have to wait a year for the mobile release as when i asked for someone else they said it gonna be like the last update untill reborn comes out(im only asking this again specifically to u as i do think ur the creater of parkour and reborn cuz u know so much even tho its still alpha)

  11. Hudzell please add back the walking animation from build 71

  12. Hudzell please add back the walking running animation before 1.1 was made

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