Which Assassin’s Creed Parkour System Is The BEST – Assassins Creed Parkour Ranked (AC1-AC Valhalla)

Assassins Creed is a series that’s seen plenty of change over the years, whether it be in it’s time periods, its combat systems, its quality of writing,
and one of the systems of this franchise, one of the core elements that drew so many people to the franchise in the first place, was it’s movement system. Being one of the first games to truly incorporate what at the time was an up and coming French sport named parkour, it led to a massively unique gameplay experience allowing players to see aspects of historical cities never before seen.
So, since I’ve just about ranked every aspect of these games, I figured it was about time for me to get around to looking at each of the games Free-Running systems, and try to figure out which is the best.

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  1. Guys Paris France invented parkour you see a lot of people filming doing crazy stunts!

  2. AC3 didn't make it in the list… climbing trees, vaulting on fences and boxes… such underrated parkour. 🙁

  3. Fun fact:This version of Ezio's family is from Ac Rogue

  4. AC Unity to me beats most games that have parkour and visually competes with games like Spider-Man PS4.

  5. who noticed ac rogue's theme in the starting of the video!!!

  6. Odyssey feels like Darksouls tbh

  7. 2:31 this sounds less like a criticism and more of a reason to just trash the game

  8. You can still make the parkour in the new assassin’s creed look nice and flashy but it is still not as fun

  9. Ayo lets hope the new Baghdad AC game will capture some crazy parkour

  10. your eyes imply that you're high af on marijuana

  11. Dose anyone else notice how the games kinda went backwards through time

  12. I just thought of something, how tired must the assassins in assassin’s creed be after parkouring up building and pulling themselves up onto poles sticking out of buildings and their grip strength must be legendary, I’m thinking of some kind of stamina system but I think a stamina system would ruin the fluidity of assassin’s creed parkour having Ezio stop in the middle of his parkour route because his arms need a quick rest

  13. 2:30 This guy hates syndicate so much that he tries so hard in every single video to make it looks so bad ; but in fact it's stands on the top , and i still till today can't understand why this piece of shit hate it ; like it literally shares the exact same mechanics as unity's but he saying that they're different and tries to justify his dum ass opinion with total bullshit ; like the fuck ?!!

  14. Ac unity has the best parkour system and Ac syndicate has near the worst when they have the exact same system ? ; tf is wrong with u dude ?!

  15. dying light is and ti best with parkour especially since the areas are the most interesting also it has a lot more abilitys and items to help have more fun like the grapple

  16. Gotta be honest I think Arno has the best in my opinion

  17. Maybe it's just me but jumping back to Unity after finishing Syndicate I really missed Syndicate's parkour. I know it's technically slower and sometimes you stop moving, but it's also more consistent and predictable, overall just more polished (also, while Paris isn't London, I did get used to the rope system)

  18. Parkour in AC 3 was awesome, the fact we could run in the trees in the forest was great, I found the fact we couldn't climb trees or cliffs lacking in Black Flag.

  19. As much as i love AC3, the change of holding two buttons to just one for free running pissed me off.

    From 1 to Revelations you have options. Walk, walk fast, run and free run. They figured out a way to not climbing when you didn't wanted to in like 2007, just to have only free running in later games for ''casual players''. Does casual players find it hard to press a button and a trigger at the same time? (Or space and right mouse on PC)

  20. Unity isn't the best assassins creed, however it is the best to play, combat, stealth, parkour, tools, weapons they are the best in the series, when and only when they work

  21. the kenway saga parkour is literally the best. It reintroduced vaulting, introduced parkour down, tree climbing, and it was a massive step up from what came before. Tho they have done a poor job with side ejects and catch ledges compared to the original games i couldn'y ignore the sweet new mechanics even. Then Unity came in and killed it

  22. Revelations is still my favourite. It took everything that was refined in the previous 3 games, and added great expansions on that. Ziplines, hook blade, larger jumps, the thing were u can slide and grab onto a ledge, its just perfect

  23. The smoothest and most realistic parlour system has to be Unity and no other. I have played AC1, AC Brotherhood,AC Revealations, AC3 , AC4:Black flag and AC Rogue, AC Unity, AC Syndicate and AC Odysey. But none felt smoother than Arno's

    Sat, 18 June 2022 time:04:50 AM SAT

  24. I think the rope launcher was somewhat necessary to deal with London's wide streets. it was this, some sort of glider/parachute or going done to streetlevel constantly.

  25. I played only Origins but cannot agree on what you said. Yes, you can go everywhere just by holding two buttons. But you can also do back ejects and practice side ejects (low or high), wall runs and swings.

  26. Seems to come down to what you prefer: Parkour that looks good, or parkour that feels good.

  27. U all haters know now that unity is the best in all what is assassin's creed about !

  28. Watching this video while Unity was being downloaded, seeing the parkour made me so excited to play it!

  29. After finally putting time and effort into unity. I'd say it's the best parkour by far. It runs so much smoother now than it did at launch lol

  30. I'd love a parkour system that looks as good as Unity's but keeps the actual gameplay in the parkour like in AC2.

  31. we need an assassins creed game with the parkour of Unity, Graphics of Valhalla, Story and Movement of Origins, The Weapons of AC3, and a character like Ezio and Altaír and the open-world of Odysessy/Origins. Would be perfect with the slight battle combat of Black Flag exploring new places in the world

  32. We all know AC story peaked at the Ezio Trilogy and the gameplay peaked at Unity

  33. If someday Ubisoft make a game with Unity parkour and Ezio Trilogy plot, man….

  34. With Unity you actually understand and guide yourself when parkouring. It isnt happy go parkour where you can just hold RT and A, with Unity you have to actually find out where you're going, and move according to that, which made it a really good parkour system and game.

  35. Ac 3 would have to be the best parkour system for me the first time you got to free run through those trees was amazing and Connors running and striding animations are just perfect

  36. I thought everyone knew Unity had the best parkour?

  37. I like Ac unity parkour but is not very responsive like the first ones

  38. Syndicate has good pakour no one will respond but can some explain inst syndicate have the same system as unity just the buildings are further apart

  39. They should definitely remaster unity the type of the unity was released did not let it reach its full potential but if it was released a couple years later it would have been the best ac game

  40. Syndicate is and overall underrated game the story is bad the characters are bad but i still had fun on the game more then other games

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