Which Assassin’s Creed Parkour System Is The BEST – Assassins Creed Parkour Ranked (AC1-AC Valhalla)

Assassins Creed is a series that’s seen plenty of change over the years, whether it be in it’s time periods, its combat systems, its quality of writing,
and one of the systems of this franchise, one of the core elements that drew so many people to the franchise in the first place, was it’s movement system. Being one of the first games to truly incorporate what at the time was an up and coming French sport named parkour, it led to a massively unique gameplay experience allowing players to see aspects of historical cities never before seen.
So, since I’ve just about ranked every aspect of these games, I figured it was about time for me to get around to looking at each of the games Free-Running systems, and try to figure out which is the best.

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  1. Am I the only one who has never encountered parkour problems in syndicate, to be honest I have never had parkour problems in syndicate, like unity but has little bit nerfing

  2. I think one of the biggest reasons unity works, when not glitchy, so well is the setting of France. All the crowds and the designs of the buildings were fantastic

  3. The OG Assassin’s Creed II – Revelations, hands down.

  4. Ac3 for me is #1. Can Naruto jump from tree to tree. And interior parkour.
    Also introduce many game mechanics and The ships.

  5. Unity looks cool sure but seriously I think 3-rogue have way more control then unity. And by control I mean you can fuck up which I miss tbh

  6. Unity is right in the middle between the new games that have good combat system but aren't assassin's creed and the old games that are assassin's creed but with an easy combat system

  7. Only good parkour is Origins. AC games with Ezio has awful parkour. he is awful at climbing

  8. I just started playing ac games so should i play in order of game releases or the time period of the games can some1 help me out please

  9. I like the smooth parkour in new ac games
    Old ac's have vary tough parkour

  10. Replaying unity after 7 years it's pretty good

  11. Yes yes and yes finally someone said it unity tbh is overhated af and underrated af like the stealth system is top tier maybe even the best in the system 👀 and the parkour is just. 🤌🤌🤌

  12. Yes yes and yes finally someone said it unity tbh is overhated af and underrated af like the stealth system is top tier maybe even the best in the title 👀 and the parkour is just. 🤌🤌🤌

  13. It dont even feel like assassins creed anymore, no more pointy hoods either

  14. The fact that in unity you ca jump off a talk building and survive the fall by latching onto a ledge is defiantly bugged

  15. We all know Unity has the best parkour in all AC games.

    Edit: Did you know Arno in Unity can slide down a rooftop while lying down in crossed arms or something like that? I actually witnessed it just yesterday.

  16. Unity had THE WORST movement ever. Arno was nothing more than an autistic, scitzo moron

  17. As little as people take it seriously, likely due to my lack of posted videos, ive legit been doing parkour and training at parkour gyms for years now. The world design and parkour system of the old ezio games was fantastic. Everywhere you look, you can spot a route that you can take in AT LEAST two different directions, usually with variation on multiple axis (one may go up to the rooftops, the other route may go through some more dense precision jumps towards a landing, etc.). It is EXACTLY the same feeling as looking around Brooklyn from a subway landing and spying all of the different parkour routes you could take in real life. They accomplished this by having so many different contact points and a variety of player controlled movements. Back eject, dyno up, side dyno, side eject, precision jumps; man there were so many different moves compared to the rpg ac games. You could even vault stuff in AC1, which I only found out a couple of months ago after all these years. The parkour was REALISTIC, and felt expressive and creative and non linear, just like in real life. If people don't prefer the parkour systems from the ezio series, I have no problem with it, but I'm tired of hearing people say it was objectively trash… I hate to be such a douchebag but after paying money for parkour lessons for literally like a decade, I can say with confidence that the early AC parkour system and world design was really, really good for people who like parkour irl and its the most realistic and dynamic pk system in AC this far.

    Edit: I will say after finishing the end of the video, Unity certainly did capture the fluidity and grace of movement very well, better than the ezio games, and had a good amount of variety. I think its just the weightlessness of ACU compared to the heavier and therefore more realistic feeling climbing/jumping in the ezio games that makes me like the old ones. Those vertical climb leaps in Unity are so far they don't even look believable. Wish there could be a system like AC1-ACR but with the polish of ACU

  18. Unity having the best Parkour is what made me want it. When I was younger I got pretty good at Parkour and it was something I was proud of doing and showing off BECAUSE of how flashy it could look when you achieve a fluid run. AC 2 had a system that, while very functional, wasn't very fluid.

  19. They really need to do a remake of Brotherhood but with unity's engine.

  20. Do a video where you rank all of the games' assassin robes. Obviously Odyssey would go last bc not a robe, but Brotherhood would be like top 3.

  21. In AC3 and AC4 there was a parkour system made slightly deeper with if you timed your jump button properly durring certain nooks and crannies or small fences you would vault/slide/jump over them faster granted it wasnt just like first AC/Ezio trilogy had it with jogging and full sprint which was risk vs reward because you could trip over when there was large crowd.

  22. I hope ubisfot watch this video and imagine if game like GTA add this kind of parkour movement. It would be sick game that everyone would enjoy. I wish i could be game developers one day ☺️

  23. This dude really looks like Shay Patrick Cormac. I wonder if he makes his own luck

  24. Hey, at least you can climb whatever you want in the new games, I was playing through the old AC games and was soo annoyed because the parkour system was so picky that it took me an hour to get to a viewpoint

  25. Classic AC parkour sucks! I can’t even climb buildings without getting stuck halfway up and having to try over again

  26. I agree that the Origins do not have a parkour system but it is one of the best games with wonderful content and awesome DLC's and the style of Ancient Egypt and generally this huge culture I like a lot even though I am Greek, especially now that sooner or later new content will come for this game and everyone will start to burn with Origins, some little, some a lot, i will be forever connected to this game but for now I do not have a controller

  27. Not gonna lie… I have been replaying Unity recently, and after practicing a lot of the unknown recently perfected things about parkour and mastering its system overall, I have to overall agree. Not that every element of Unity's parkour is better than every element of the old system, but overall, I think the game has won me over.

  28. Syndicate's parkour isn't bad. You never need to commit suicide so removing the options to jump off a building is not a bad thing. You also can also go the whole game without using the grappling hook so its not taking away from the parkour.

  29. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw this was of course ac unity 💖💖

  30. Ooooohhhh you made a distinction between Syndicate and Unity’s parkour system. This is how you know it’s a good list and he knows what he’s talking about. They are very different and syndicate is worse but I have seen way too many people put those 2 games on the same level and it’s like what?! Did you even play them? They are not the same!! I’ve even seen some rankings that claimed Unity through Valhalla is the same system, da fuk?!

  31. No.2 is ac 1-revelations. Haha! Old is gold boys

  32. I was actually debating which system I liked better between unity and ac1 to ac revelations with the only thing I relatively disliked about unity (as a freerunner) was the lack of weight in the movement. The momentum was lovely and the addition of multiple real freerunnning movements made it amazing but I felt like the landings and climb-ups weren't heavy enough in a way (I don't know if I'm making any sense). But it was a lovely video and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you dive into the usually overlooked but extremely important feature of the assassin's creed franchise! I'm even thinking of subscribing!

  33. Been thinking about getting unity because the combat looks kinda realistic and the parkour looks cool
    Only thing about the parkour I don't like is how floaty it looks sometimes like sometimes it looks like I just floated to something
    What do y'all think

  34. It would be great if they remade the old games with ac unity’s engine

    Same story, but with refined Graphics and great parkour

  35. Wow

    You REALLY don't like the new AC games do you?

  36. at the end of the day story matters , i played it got bored jumping building after an hour

  37. I am playing ac 1 and parkour its completely shit

  38. You can double tap b to roll? How the hell did I not know this.

  39. I have gotten so mad at black flag, rouge, and 3’s parkour. I’ll be running and climbing and then he’ll just full send to the right for no damn reason

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