Which Assassin’s Creed Parkour System Is The BEST – Assassins Creed Parkour Ranked (AC1-AC Valhalla)

Assassins Creed is a series that’s seen plenty of change over the years, whether it be in it’s time periods, its combat systems, its quality of writing,
and one of the systems of this franchise, one of the core elements that drew so many people to the franchise in the first place, was it’s movement system. Being one of the first games to truly incorporate what at the time was an up and coming French sport named parkour, it led to a massively unique gameplay experience allowing players to see aspects of historical cities never before seen.
So, since I’ve just about ranked every aspect of these games, I figured it was about time for me to get around to looking at each of the games Free-Running systems, and try to figure out which is the best.

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  1. I don’t understand why everyone sh*ts on syndicate in my opinion it’s literally one of the best, the grappling rope seems like something an assassin SHOULD have and it makes getting around a breeze, nothin feels better than getting a clean air assassination and then running around a corner and just being gone😂💯

  2. it’s a big struggle deciding between ac unity and the original games. It’s sort of like choosing between a dog and cat, the dog is obedient and loyal, sort of like the original games, and the cat is elegant but will rarely listen to anything you say, despite any disciplinary actions you take upon its behaviour.

  3. Perfect ranking. Unity had its flaws, taking away some important controls, but it's so damn good. Not only because of the style, but also due to the potential for expression and mastering the system. All they needed at the time was refinement, a sequel that focused heavily on improving the system and making it more reliable. Nonetheless, it remains a great system within a rushed ambitious game.

  4. I think rpg games parkour is the second best in the series

  5. At least Origins had vaulting while Odyssey and Valhalla didn't

  6. Kind of contradicting since you like style but ac3 is below ac1-Rev And unity is also more restricting than ac3-rogue in parkour So I don’t really know how unity is first 😂😂 but then again your opinion

  7. I found unity's parkour never did what I was trying to do

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