Which Assassin’s Creed Parkour System is The BEST??? – Re-Ranking Assassin’s Creed Parkour (2023)

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  1. I'm sorry but this is just nostalgia talk , ac1 was slow and made descending a nightmare. Ac2 was faster and fixed most of the issues from ac1 imo and brotherhood felt like more of the same with some new rare animations. Revelations might be the single best Parkour based game ever made in terms of diversity of choices given by the hook blade , if it had the Parkour up/down system it would truly be perfect . Unity is 2nd best imo after revelations since it trades over control in exchange for style , which it has an abundance of.

  2. Best Assassin's Creed 1 the movement is so fluid and smooth defentely my favorite game as far as movementMid Assassin's Creed Black Flag | Assassin's Creed III | RogueI really like the auto movement like mechanic in these games really good featureBoring Assassin's Creed Syndicate | Unity Definitely robotic movement they really sacrifice graphics over fluidly and gameplay with these gamesBad Assassin's Creed Brotherhood | II | RevelationAgain Definitely shitty robotic so called parkour in these shitty ass games Terrible Odyssey | Origins | ValhallaParkour pretty much either sub par trash or non existent

  3. i like the animations of unity best but AC 1 system is better

  4. I agree with your rankings, but some of your opinions definitely had me disagreeing. For example, for the new rpg parklur, they really didnt have a choice but to streamline the parkour to a basic experience, because the series was definitely getting stagnant. I get tired of seeing people who complained back then about the lack of innovation in series, complaining now about the difference in the new games. Its hypocritcal because thats what they asked for. The only way forward they had to avoid stagnating the series was to focus more on combat. We all know the rpg games had undeniably the greatest combat. AC has already covered all popular periods that assassins could fit in? What else could they do? They started leaning towards rpgs and mythology. Their choice beginning with origins actually saved the series from dying out eventually. It brought in new fans and reiginited the franchise, because lets be honest, afyed the unplayable release of unity, and the disappointment of syndicate, if ubi decided on another assassin game the franchise wouldve died.

  5. For me fluidity and style was the heart of the franchise. Parkour just worked within that but so did counter assassinations and general movements.

  6. I dont like unity's parkour. Every one is on unity's dick atm and idk why. The parkour feels bad, sometimes arno jumps in a completely different way than where i wanted him to jump, sometimes he just jumps up like 7 feet to grab a ledge and the way he jumps just looks ugly because of how they made some kind of prediction thing. My list would be RPG trilogy>ac unity and syndicate>ac3, 4 and rouge>ac 1 2 brotherhood and revelation.

  7. Hey nice video, not a big deal but could you pls credit me for my clips next time?

  8. The second assassins creed was the best

  9. Everyone loves to have ezios 🍆 in their mouth, but then their only argument for why the parkour is better is “side/back ejects” when ezio era parkour isn’t even remotely as fluid as parkour in real life. Also for all that control y’all argue about. 90% of the time your fingers are holding (RT + A) or (R2+X) . Parkour being more of a navigation system where you can increase, and decrease your elevation in a satisfying way cough**cough unity. Is all I want. If “ control means, parkour will be slower, buildings are more like puzzles, and SIDE EHECTS” then sure it has more control.

  10. Unity has some of the worst gameplay, parkour specifically, out of the series. How is it number 2?

  11. 4:58 The parkour in unity was amazing, but I think Mirror's Edge might have better parkour

  12. Legit the only thing missing from the original 4 from making the parkour perfect for me is the parkour down button and if they ever remastered all the 4 original games the one thing I want added to the system is parkour down.

  13. in the older games, you had to figure out where you can climb. how to reach stuff and so on. in the newer ones, its just push the climb button and the game will find a way

  14. Unity no1. I know it has loads of bugs, but despite that, it's by far the most realistic and grounded. It requires you to think, living the assassin fantasy. The movement is fluid, 3-d and dynamic. I know that it's not super consistent, but it's the most fluid and the most realistic. The animations are great as well.

  15. Much love and respect for understanding the classic 4 game's parkour.

    I love it so dearly…
    The control in on point.
    And any mistake is my own…
    I love that learning curve…

    Thanks, Joe…
    Loved the video

  16. I wish I had the time to practice and become even half as good as you in this video. A joy to watch. Cheers. Editing great too.

  17. revelation parkour>unity parkour>2, brotherhood parkour>colonial parkour>1 parkour>rpg parkour>syndicate parkour

  18. This is a ranking of each protagonist’s parkour (for no particular reason)

    Good: Ezio, Arno, Jacob, Evie, Eivor, Kassandra, Edward, Shay, Desmond Miles

    Literally unplayable: Altair, Connor, Adewale, Bayek, Aya, Avaline, Layla, Ratonhnhaké:ton

    (This ranking isn’t the way it is for any particular reason)

  19. Having recently revisited the Ezio trilogy somewhat recently the parkour there has just so much control, it's so much better than I remember it being when I was younger, but I still like Unity's the best. You can't beat the beautiful animations and visuals.

  20. Great video! I'm still crossing my fingers hoping Mirage's parkour system is a much more improved version of Unity's, with that same amount of freedom and control. I have heard some people saying it's too complex, though not that many. But maybe they can just add a more simplistic version of it as an accessibility feature.

  21. The only change i would make to this list is put the kenway trilogy in 2nd place with unity

  22. AC 1 has the best core mechanics. AC 2 has the best world design for the mechanics. AC revelations is the worst in the first 4 games; the hook blade makes side ejects inconsistent because ezio will randomly hook jump during the height of a climb.

  23. I love the OG parkour even tho I get frustrated

  24. Ngl I used to hate on the kenway parkour system, but I’m starting to like it a bit more now after replaying bf for like the 5th time lolol

  25. The stripped back Origins system is coming back for Mirage, as per the leaks, so manage your expectations.

  26. AC1-Revelations: Best for player control and flexibility
    AC3-Rogue: Best for smooth parkour with slightly less player control and flexibility
    AC Unity: Best for stylish, eye-candy parkour
    AC Origins-Valhalla: Best for basic, straight-to-the-point traversal

  27. Black flag is my favourite AS game all round….i do and have loved pirates so maybe im biased…idc

  28. Unity number 1 hands down. If they continued iterating on that system it would’ve been epic

  29. Ranking AC parkour is easy, to just look at the series release order and count backwards lol

  30. I agree I feel like the old games had a lot of freedom of movement, sometimes I wish they could go back to that engine cause now the games (even unity) feel floaty, sluggish and heavy all at the same time. The games since origins are too simplified now for what is a huge part of series identity

  31. Unity always looked and felt the best to me, and it's not even close.

  32. No way the old is the best, I'm re playing 2 at the moment and it's painful, ezio does whatever he wants

  33. With the exception of Unity, I think the reason the parkour became continuously streamlined was to make it more accessible to casual players who likely wouldn’t put time into mastering parkour.

    I understand that as a business, but as a game it’s disappointing.

  34. Thank you for not putting Unity first. Literal definition of "all style, no substance". Classic all the way.

  35. bro can u please rate my parkour in my recent video

  36. Really good video. Agree with you on every point. Even though some find AC1 & the Ezio trilogy clunky (probably because they just can't get with the system), I have to say that the parkour in the games is definitely the most fun. It's just consistent and once you understand how it works properly, you're unstoppable. Playing through the Ezio games for the second time and I like the parkour system much more than in Unity for example. Even though it may look better in Unity, I miss the continuity.

  37. Love ac1. Simple minimal jank. Great city design. (Forgot the garbage walk inbetween). Ac2 ain't bad may even be better when you get used to the jank. The other games are either too janky or bad level design

  38. The original system is by far the best if they were simply added upon with unity level animations without sacrificing player control and they were properly tutorialized then people wouldn’t have so many misconceptions regarding the original system.

  39. I appreciate your video and opinion. My favorite is parkour is Unity with AC2 being fav AC game but I like most AC games. Veteran players asking for more risk reward is understandable. But Ubi probably looking at lowering difficulty or what sells more. I have not played Valhalla but it seems it has sold better.

  40. I dunno if I'd but the original 3 above unity but go off sis

  41. I think that ezio trilogy parkour is overrated. While the control is good a lot of the landscape does not encourage creativity. I think AC1 had the best parkour because it felt like there were so many ways to use the system.

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