Which Assassin’s Creed Parkour System is The BEST??? – Re-Ranking Assassin’s Creed Parkour (2023)

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  1. Unity is far and away the best. Parkour down should’ve remained a staple of the series, and the animations are so fluid and visually appealing.

  2. Unity made so many bold innovations and then Ubisoft went ahead and made it devolve…Ubisoft's kneejerk reaction to dealing with complex mechanics is to yell "Fuck it!" and strip the player's agency all together. Unity's system had 2 flaws. 1- it was VERY hard for us to "fail" parkour because Arno stops whenever our decisions would throw us off a cliff. This is wrong. Let us fail a jump so we can grab on to something else, like in AC 1 and 2.2- You could only do "Parkour up" and "Parkour down", we also needed "Parkour". "Just" Parkour. As in, "maintain" this elevation. That's literally it.

  3. Unity is far and away the best. Parkour down should’ve remained a staple of the series, and the animations are so fluid and visually appealing.

  4. so much fucking hate for syndicate fucking grow up and have your own fucking opinions. fucking dick rider

  5. Unity has the worst parkour system you wanna jump in the window in stead its round up the window like its a wall

  6. Assassin's Creed Unity had the best horizontal Parkour. The Kenway/Cormac saga had the best Climbing. Altair/Ezio Saga was fun.

  7. Unity took some time for me to master, but after getting used to it, it's really fun and mostly controllable.If you want a more consistent parkour in unity, make sure to get the "acufixes mod", it makes you do some special parkour moves too.

  8. I hate that we are powerless to make ubisoft change back the parkour to the classic AC system. Great animations, Control over movement and your own skill made it the most satisfying system out of them all. But with more people buying the newer games because parkour got easier proved to Ubisoft that they can make an AC with a really simple parkour system and more people will be able to play and get into the AC franchise, honestly would love if there was a way to imploment a system where you have streamlined parkour and classic complicated parkour but it's probably not gonna happen cause it won't make Ubi more money if they did, they would probably just lose money and time trying to please both the newer fans and old fans lol

  9. Idk man I’m playing syndicate right now and it feels amazing, being able to zip across the roofs of Victorian London is dope. Plus I never really used free jump during parkour anyway, half the time it would just lead to you falling to your death😂💯

  10. Five months late to this video.Based on my experiences with each entry in this franchise, here's how I personally rank them (Mirage included, of course):12. AC Odyssey11. AC Valhalla10. AC Syndicate9. AC Origins8. AC Mirage7. AC16. AC Black Flag & Rogue5. AC34. AC Unity3. AC22. AC Revelations1. AC Brotherhood

  11. I do think 1 to Revelations is better bevause you are simply more in control 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. sorry but i need to dissagree ac3 parkour was bad i just finished playing the original the remastered one idk but it was not good transitions and slow and a lot of bugs u cant put black flag and ac3 on the same page,black flag is much smoother and good transitions

  13. bro put Altair shit over Unity in terms of parkour 💀

  14. AC Unity: best looking and varied parkour animation with lots of added mechanics at the cost of predictability.AC1-AC Revelations: most predictable and possibly fastest parkour system but is more basic and has less varied animation.What do you prefer?

  15. I cannot thank you enough for NOT putting Unity at first just because it looks good.

  16. One of the few people who understand, Unitys Parkour was trash it was inconsistent and felt bad, the OG ACs just were better in everything

  17. Blqck flag multiplayer has rly good parkour single player is way worst then multiplayer

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