Why Do We Want Parkour Reborn SO Bad? | Roblox Parkour

In this video I’ll talk about why the Roblox community wants parkour reborn so bad. I’ll go in depth and talk about how the state of parkour legacy is affecting peoples necessity for parkour reborn.

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  1. fuck reborn that shit is not a reborn its a newborn, and it cost 50 bucks at the moment shit that's as much as red dead redemption 2 and in red dead you can shoot people and do parkour.T_T

  2. My opinion on why i want reborn so bad is bc parkiur isnt about parkour anymore, uts about speed and dashing and comboing etc etc. reborn is focused on making it only about actual parkour and thats why i want it so badly.

  3. how are even the devs gonna make a transfer data place so that we can bring the old data to the new parkour? i dont know if there is a way to transfer our data…

  4. what is your keystroke shower? I want to download one ngl

  5. All I want is for parkour reborn to be optimized enough so my pc can actually run at a smooth 60 fps and not 30

  6. i just want this game to come out so me and my friends actually have a reason to play roblox

  7. man these youtubers always got terrible takes we want the game NOW

  8. I have been playing parkour since 2019, and i have to admit, waiting for reborn is frikin boring.

  9. Just wondering how do you make your gear / glove invis?

  10. Man ive been really obsessed with this game for like a few month, but its just too laggy for me, not sure if i can play the parkour reborn with this potato laptop 💀💀I should buy a new laptop

  11. I personally agree with this, i know the feeling of being a dev/yt and everyone asks: WHEN NEXT VIDEO/GAME COMING OUT. its really just not fun

  12. i just dont like as parkour reborn looks like fly as the same as normal i would think that the biggest thing on reborn would be a bit more realistic and not flying with a vault, bruh u just vaunt some tims and some other things and u just fly around map if it was nothing, it would be cool if it makes a bit sense and have phisics not just vaulting and acrossing entire map

  13. boy you are the best you are not like Russian people in parkour they turn on in the background how they fly around the map and you put on the melodic gameplay of an ordinary person by the way I am Russian

  14. Honestly cant wait for reborn, Playing on the same map for almost 7 years, Gaining god rank twice on two separate accounts (First one hacked, Soon to be deity on current) and running on the same rooftop and vents, The map doesn't really seem as large as it once was, Getting a new map with a complete fresh coat of paint (Better anims, Lighting and building types) is a much needed refresher

  15. Cool video, your editing skills remind me of some youtubers that use things that you use in editing too.

  16. Im worried that they will move all banned players like me to tge reborn version

  17. The reason why I want Reborn is cuz I don't feel Parkour is "Parkour" anymore… Don't get me wrong, Legacy is pretty good but it's getting boring, too much gear and lack of new mechanics…

  18. i just want reborn because of the atmosphere gameplay graphics and etc it all seems really amazing and pleasant to play looking at the teasers so hopefully alpha will release this summer

  19. I think they said that they will not post dev logs anymore. They will only post teasers

  20. who even cares about what is he talking reborn, the background is better 1000x times

  21. Great video for explaining.. you know all that stuff that going on with parkour reborn. I am also like a sort of depperssion so i can uderstand that if hudzell is not feeling great he need to take a break and yeah for multiple reason.

  22. prolly cuz it's something refreshing for older players,like really refreshing i barely have anything to play in the roblox platform

  23. I agree. The base parkour game isn’t enough for the community. The updates are mostly dry now, with usually only one gear.
    But the game is going to be good so I hope it’s worth the time.

  24. I've said this numerous times, I was really hoping that Parkour Reborn's parkour would actually make sense and not just be a pinball machine simulator but I was obviously wrong, I'll check it out when it releases but I'm most definitely going to just stay with playing ME and DL.

  25. I know because we all want The Smoove Movements and also the higher quality lol

  26. this is the exact content i want from a content creator, straight to the point and chill. i also hope hudzell is doing better

  27. Idc what they do with parkour reborn i just want them to add in the gears as well like magrail, grapple, wingsuit, adrenaline, etc..

    The game just doesnt feel good without those.
    I've seen a video where they said parkour reborn will be transverse and not as speedy as the current parkour so I want them to add the gears so the game has a bit speedy feel to it idk without them it just feels so slow.

  28. bro said the word "like" at least 1000 times in less than 2 minutes

  29. I didn't even know that parkour was gonna change until I saw hudzell's video of when will parkour reborn come out.

  30. I did take a break for like an year and I just started playing modded version bc it has cool gears at least is was fun yah I am waiting for reborn for a longgg time and if reborn supports mobile that gonna be crazyy

  31. i don't want to parkour reborn to be bad (i want the opposite i want the parkour reborn to be good)

  32. id rather have a good quality game come out later than a rushed game come out sooner

  33. I don’t, they completely copied the Orion protocol accept made the animations GARBAGE “I am a professional don’t test me I will write a 200 paragraph essay on why it’s bad I am not lying, animation is my job.”

  34. 3:28 how to roll like this?. When reborn release parkour og will sink into oblivion? Im still try to get grapple 😢

  35. Parkour is getting the criminality treatment honestly

  36. “Watch the dev logs when they drop”
    Laughing intensifies

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