Why Do We Want Parkour Reborn SO Bad? | Roblox Parkour

In this video I’ll talk about why the Roblox community wants parkour reborn so bad. I’ll go in depth and talk about how the state of parkour legacy is affecting peoples necessity for parkour reborn.

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  1. The date im commenting this parkour reborn is already released obviously but PL is hella dry Like what he said And I don't really think the gears they add is "Beginner friendly" because it takes up to hundreds of hours to get to the level of the new gears they added

  2. The main point of why we really want parkour reborn so bad is because its cleaner and more smooth and fluent than parkour legacy, its not just the parkour itself, its the apeal of the looks too, and its all based on mirror's edge which is the best or only parkour game out there, its just the satisfying feeling to freely roam around a map of endless possibilities to parkour on, and the first time playing it will be so fun to people who waited for such a very long time!

  3. Simple anwser: because it is the reworked version of parkour way more realistic

  4. Me personally I just want parkour games with parkour mechanics instead of “PARKOUR OBBY 300 LVLS 🤑😱🔥”

  5. seeing parkour legacy gameplay looks so weird now

  6. There is news abt the game:

    There was an annoucment that once the beta comes out,it will be free in 2024 january something

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