Win 150€ by Playing My PARKOUR GAME

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I’m a GameDev, I made a parkour game without coding. Now you can earn money by playing my game. The best 5 players will get a total of 150€. I made this game with Core in 24 hours.

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Woow you really read all of this? 😱
You must be a true Swinger👊

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  1. Legit best advertisement for CoreThey should double pay you really

  2. No Yannick has also gone full video for Core…
    I guess everyone needs some cash but…
    yeah… All of them just feel fake when they decide to take the huge sponsors
    hope real Yannick will be back soon… Love Your Videos Btw!

  3. I will win the prise anyways… or one of them

  4. Unfortunately I cant play it but I did like the vid so then you got your money back on the challenge. and to all the people playing good luck!

  5. Nice scenery, with multiples short levels it's will be fun mobil game.

  6. I would be coming for that crown if my pc wasn't a patato

  7. Yannick, when I first saw your channel I was greatly impressed and wanted more of your content but then I saw your latest videos speaking about depression and to be honest felt really bad because I came to your channel for amazing content which would cheer me up and I could learn something.

    Please keep on making videos, you have no idea how much you are missed by random people on the internet 😅👋🏻

  8. After 90 minute of pain and suffering I have come to the conclusion that the top 5 is not for me.

  9. Bruh the game is broken I got a time of 6 sec LOL Maybe Fix… Want some help?

  10. How much the CrazyGames took from you for publishing your game on their portal? Cause they reject almost all games compatible with your game.:)

  11. But but but
    I don't have pc or laptop
    Is this available on Android
    If not can you make more Android games I liked your previous game
    Spider Doll
    But, you sell it!
    But please if you can bring more games for Android just bring! ❤

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