xQc Plays The HARDEST GAME… Only Up!

Part 2:
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  1. ‘I am a fucking legend ‘. 20 min later alt f4

  2. See all these old emotes and jokes from long ago returning among the juicers gets me rock hard!!! BatChest

  3. Getting Over it < this shi.
    Beton Brutal < this shi.
    (mans actually finished only up but his baby ahh rage quit beton)

  4. The thumbnails are getting way too fortnite content like and I don't like it I WONDER WHATS HAPPENING AROUND THESE STREETSEITHER WAY FORTNITE OR NOT ILL WATCH IT

  5. incredible…… morons donate money to ppl playing video games and dont even get a little bit of recognition. what idiots jesus. this guy doesn't care about your existence

  6. I didn't know till now that there was an elevator at the beginning, honestly it's kinda dumb he got it so easy taking that the first time playing

  7. Grats on the millions xqc. Get urs brother!

  8. This game is using stocks assets for literally everything.

  9. How tf are they still donating the jill skin dono, i remember when someone donated that to him during re3 playthrough and it's still going 💀

  10. this guy just got 100mill and is chillin in an empty room talking to a monitor 24/7

  11. Ur like only interesting streamer for me actually there is few more but ur funny one haaha keepitup

  12. The twitch chat and youtube frogs wars has started

  13. Honestly respect to him for turning off the text to speech. That was an awful mess of overstimulation to listen to and I can’t imagine trying to focus on playing a game with it in the background

  14. My anxiety level 💹💹whenever he is about to fall……

  15. Why do the idiot friends keep spoiling shit

  16. the game will make you feel miserable if you fall. its like you keep leaving the past endlessly. same sport , back to the beginning 😂

  17. I don't love how donation sound and game sound are crossing together…

  18. You're the Tony Montana that is interested in gaming. D'ya know why? Because of your use of f**k. Especially saying, "I am a f**king legend. Like, I get it by now.

  19. He already passed it… He has astronaut helmet

  20. this game is so hard and annoying but so fun to watch

  21. I think i can do it!!, Im downloading it!

    Edit: i Regret it…

  22. legend huh? you ok boy? whats up with that vibration you just did?. did you gone crazy? no offence but i think your very unstable. there are a lot of people who play and did it better. but you. your like once you think you got it. you think you can do it in one go. embarrassing isnt it finding out your no legend. from now on next time play any games dont be full of your selfs. your face at the end of this video man. thats pathetic

  23. the kids in the backround were fucking wierdos

  24. Juke's towers of hell:
    Caleb's soul crushing domain:
    Tiered obbies:

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