ZOMBIES + PARKOUR = #LEGGO | Dying Light (PS4) Gameplay – Part 1

I am TOO stoked to play Dying Light for the Playstation 4. I mean, LOOK AT THIS GAMEPLAY. The graphics are amazing AND it’s a zombie game!? Let’s get it.

Part 2:

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



  1. Roger Kyle smith: voice actor Chris red field and crane from dying light

  2. I remember first watching this game when I was younger. I just really miss it. Time to come home

  3. Play this game with it first came out I played it when I was 16.

  4. Hey coryxkenshin my brother played dying light

  5. I love dying light so much, actually i beat it at 5 yo and im playing it rn

  6. My uncle would play dying light and I would watch him play it.

  7. Dying light is such a cool game and nice video man :]

  8. If he will ever play dying light 2 then he seriously needs to watch out for volatiles

  9. Idk why but he has a light skin tone in his old vids

  10. Who else forgot this dude made a series on dying light

  11. Crazy how this game came out 8 years ago but people still play this game

  12. I feel like I'm old but I'm not because I watched this 8 years ago

  13. Day 3 of watching corys old videos because no new uplaods

  14. I have a question how did Cory as a brown man lose his teeth did he poop them out on accident or something

  15. Remember watching this as a kid whilst not having a ps4, when i got one I'd forgot about it tho. My friend recommended it to me back in 2020 and played it. The memories came back, love this series and love my guy cory. My inspiration for everything in general is this guy. If you're reading this, Have a good one cory.

  16. Nothing like comin back and watching all the old gameplays again.

  17. i remember when i used to play it, it was so popular, but now in 2023… its so… dead now that dying light 2 came out… i miss old dying light.. i miss the popularity, man❤️😢

  18. back again to rewatch because I need life to feel good again 🙂

  19. I Already Play this But It Was the Following Dying Light the Following

  20. I watched this whole series on my tablet and would wait days for a new episode😭😭

  21. Hey coryxkenshin If You See This Comment I Want You To Know That Dying Light 2 Is Out Now So Maybe You Should Give That Game A Try 🙂

  22. 6:02 funny enough Chris redfield and Leon are Easter eggs in dying light 2

  23. Bro, I never know that he played dying light one. I will definitely be watching all this

  24. Yeah it’s a yearly tradition to watch this series now

  25. Is this game free coause I wanna play it

  26. Hi I am the one that said hi. I am subscribed to you with the notification bell on YouTube.

  27. Bro rewatching Cory’s old play throughs are just full of memories last time I watched these I was five pure nostalgia from old Cory

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